The Diamond Underneath

My personal story of resilience in times of crisis A book to inspire many whi are going through adversity to be resilient.

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19 thoughts on “The Diamond Underneath

  1. Powerful.ressilience in time of adversity.wonderful insight for ageneration that is meeting many challenges . Asante

  2. Congratulations 🎉🎉👏👏 on completing your book Legend Margaret. I will definitely order the book. Will also consult you when I start writing mine. Well done

  3. What a gem your book is! A story of grit, resilience and courage! Needs to be in everyone’s home library!

  4. You get to learn from an experience of someone else better when it is in writing. That is about diamond underneath unearthed
    This is good for now and generations

  5. So much inspiring and motivating…your hardwork and commitment of your dreams through God has done it…looking forward to read the book

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