Discerning Kenya’s Prophetic Destiny

Our God is a covenant making and a covenant keeping God. His covenant with Abraham included the making of a special nation, Israel, intended be a model nation to reveal the true God and His ways to other nations. Israel is a nation built upon a special covenant with God, ordained by Him to be a channel of blessing to all nations, particularly through Christ the Lord.

Kenya has a special place in God’s plan, having been prophetically pointed out in Zephaniah 3:10. This prophecy has begun to be fulfilled more directly through the dedication of the nation to God in a divinely ordained process during 2011 and 2012. The renewed sense of national divine destiny and responsibility needs to be sustained through personal obedience to God’s direction and faith affirmations that will enlighten others.

Other nations too, stand to benefit by drawing appropriate principles that they can apply in their unique contexts.

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2 thoughts on “Discerning Kenya’s Prophetic Destiny

  1. Congratulations my brother. Timely book for our beloved country. May the words of this book transform this country in every inch. May the Lord use you mightly and use this book to transform our lives

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