The God Who Sees

One night, the Lord Jesus appeared to me while I was praying and said these words to me: “Put your hands in mine, close your eyes and stand up…”

So I did. And He led me, eyes tightly shut, from my seat, over my kneeling cushion, across my prayer room and back to my original position. Not once did I stumble or so much as touch any of the furniture in my path. And later, He faithfully gave me this scripture:

“…And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.”

And I understood.

The stories in this book are a glimpse into the Lord’s work in my life, and in that of those around me. Every single experience has left me in great awe of His astounding compassion for us, His beloved children. And each is well and truly an amazing encounter with the love of God.

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One thought on “The God Who Sees

  1. Amazing! Pauline thank you for bringing to your readers, the awe of God’s demonstration of power and His profound love. Kudos!

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