Engulfed in Love

\”Engulfed in love\” book is a beautiful story that brings and draws more light on the love of man versus God\’s love. How that the world has misunderstood the love that Christ has for us. The world suffers alot of pain, grief, lose, and such like, and sometimes this brings alot of questions as to whether God still exists. This book is built in such a way that it answers these life\’s questions. Enjoy this journey as you discover more about God and His depth of love towards His people.


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17 thoughts on “Engulfed in Love

  1. Great and powerful message fully inspired by the Spirit of God . An answer to alot of questions and truly inspiring

  2. Engulfed in Love.Thank you so Much Madam Martha Namusoke For coming up with such life motivating content about the love of Christ for His people.Life hardships had really taken me and made me believe that am on my own, there is nothing like God’s Love, till i read this book and that’s when i knew that CHRIST’S love for His people is far bigger than what i could imagine.

    1. Thank you Martha for accepting the HolySpirit’s leading to prepare such a wonderful message. The world desires to understand that even in the toughest of crucibles that might happen in life, Christ is always with us in those crucibles, simply because He loves us deeply. He redeemed us saved us.

      May God continue blessing your ministry.

  3. The question of love is old and not many authors have a detailed expose on it. Showing how God loves man is the foundation for all relationships and this book has opened our eyes to the love of God for humankind. Thanks for this excellent message, it is timely.

  4. A much needed conversation in a world full of doubt and confusion about the role God plays in our lives.

  5. A beautiful story about love *Engulfed in love*
    It’s a must read in this day and era when the hearts of people are lost in search for an answer to the life’s questions. This book will give you the ultimate answer to those questions. Enjoy this journey with us.

  6. I discovered that God loves me way much more than I thought and this love has no attachments in comparison to the human love. This is a good read.

  7. Engulfed in love is really a powerful book to read. I read it and I never remained the same. It concretized my love for Christ and through Him I have learnt to love and touch those who are around me with the love of Christ. I would encourage every Christian to read it to have a deeper understanding of the great lover of all time. Thankyou Martha for bringing this to us.

  8. Engulfed in Love is a book that casts a light on man’s most important need -the Knowledge of the Love of God. The life time of a man is sewn with enormous trials and joys. Through the Chapters of this book Martha reveals how the Knowledge of God’s love can guarantee a satisfied heart and free soul. A fulfilled life! Enjoy!

  9. Engulfed in Love is a book that casts a light on man’s most important need -the Knowledge of the Love of God. The one thing that will determine the quality of liferough the joys and trials of man’s short life-time, one thing

    1. Engulfed in Love, is really the best way to finding our lost roots of Faith, the way God’s love for us is personalised in this book, will make you yearn to walk with God again, when you read it,even the sore heart will be soothed, and the lost mind will find the sense of direction again.

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