Questions That Adolescents Ask (Unedited)

Questions That Adolescents Ask contain questions in their unedited form that Adolescents wrestle with and their biblical answers as given by a Christian counselor. The book is both a helpful guide to the adolescent as well as to parents, teachers and mentors. It will help them understand how the young people view their world.

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10 thoughts on “Questions That Adolescents Ask (Unedited)

  1. Thank you for this book it has answered so many questions my teen had and made it easy to handle difficult topics as well.

  2. As a mother raising a teen, this book made it simpler to tackle all the questions he had. It made it easier to talk about hard topics since we had a guide. Thank you Lucyanne for thinking about the next generation

  3. Questions adolescents ask is such a timely book for our children who are growing up with so much exposure to the internet and all. This is content they can engage with instead of seeking answers from just anywhere. A mother, a counselor and a teacher, LucyAnn gives the best, God ordained answers for raw questions asked by adolescent children

  4. This book is such a resource for the adolescents.
    The answers are forthright, truthful and conclusive.

    LucyAnn is so well deserving of the nomination because she has put the work into it. May the lives of young children be totally transformed as they read the book.

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