Every Day Warriors

Now, it is time for action. After you have analyzed and gotten rid of the excuses, it is time to hit the prayer room; it is time to work even harder. It is time to release the giant or the lion inside of you. This is the defining moment – so make it count. At this point there is no looking back; you must keep on moving forward lest you fall. It is okay to fall once in a while but get back up as quickly as you can and keep pushing. It is time you stopped being the gazelle always being chased by the issues of life and never getting a break. Take a hold of yourself, release the engine and get it done. Don’t just talk of being a giant, let people see that you are a giant.


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57 thoughts on “Every Day Warriors

  1. Perfect illustration of a Lady soaring higher and higher….Pinnah depicts humility in it’s purest form..A go-getter and a brilliant leader..Everyday worriors is an excellent case in point to our daily lives…-We must live in the presence of Prayer..Prayer binds us and strengthens us in ways we can never fathom…

    Congrats dear Friend..

  2. Everyday Warriors is a book that challenges one to do what you were called to do. No more excuses. Loved reading it.

  3. Oh wow!! Sometimes we need a “pick me up” and this book gave me the much needed inspiration. Thankyou Pinnah for sharing with us. Looking forward to more of your content.

  4. . You are a great author, Thank you for lighting up our lives through your inspiration writing. You are both talented and gifted!
    It’s amazing too how eloquent you are!!

  5. PENINAH is Such an inspiration. Had the opportunity to work with her in ministry in teenagers and youth ministry and each an everytime she would talk about being an inspiration to them in any way. This book is such an amazing book. It is meant to equip and empower every believer. IT IS POWER PACKED.
    PROUD of You PESH.

  6. Very inspirational, as the author says it is okay to fall once in a while, dust yourself, get back up on your feet, learn from your mistakes and soldier on. These encouraging words keep inspiring me every day.

  7. Pinnah is an epitome of what God can do in one’s life if you are dedicated to your cause and deeply believe in yourself. I have seen her in so many phases of her life and I must say that she is an inspiration to many. This book is a reflection of the transformation that she does to many peoples lives through her writing and interaction.

  8. Pinna you are a mentor.your book is very informative and so inspiring.more grace uponyou as you keep inspiring lives.God bless.

  9. Pinnah, reading your book brings quite transformative ideas that rejuvenate hope in once life. You are a great author, more grace to impact this and the generations to come

  10. Pinnah is known for her ability to inspire people and let them know nothing is impossible. And Everyday Warriors is a reflection of her heart of inspiration! I read the book and in the first chapter I couldn’t help but be motivated!

  11. I hope and pray every person who gets to read this book understands that giving up is no option and that you are an every day warrior. Keep fighting. #No pain No gain

  12. That’s the book i can recommend to everybody, we all need motivation to believe that our God-given abilities have the ability to transform. #OurGodis alifechanger#!Kudos Pinna.

  13. Pinnah,u are a great woman,u give hope to the hopeless,what an inspirational book! May God expand your boundaries.

  14. Pinnah, you are such an inspiration and you give hope to many through your writings. I met you at my lowest and you gave me hope for brighter days.
    May God bless you and enlarge your boundaries.

  15. Thought provoking! Releasing the lion in us through constant and consistent prayer in the war room of life’s challenges. Good read!

  16. Pinnah Waithira has adopted a culture of pulling people out of confusion and hopelessness into a life worth living.

    Her words and her works are worth paying attention to.

  17. Pinnah is a power woman…whatever comes out of her mouth blesses many…with how she is proud of God, how she loves Him…I mean, i have never forgotten our first encounter

  18. I remember the first time you gave me your book I did not read it immediately i kept it then after a while I started reading it and found it was so much fun ,entertaining and also very educative ….I was able to apply the knowledge to the day to day situations….I am now able to make form and accurate decision….I really love your work pinnah…continue with tht spirit coz through this you will be able to reach so many pple and help them as you did for me….thankyou

  19. Every day worriors is an amazing book,speaks to everyday life of people.its been a great read.i love it

  20. It’s a splendid book. The book title is very relevant as it relates to everyone on both an individual level and also as a group. The back page is pleasant to the eye and very encouraging as it motivates someone in a good way. The author is a model of what it means to be a good and effective leader, she is outspoken, generous, understanding and very kind.

  21. Review on Every Day Warriors by Pinnah Waithira

    We all know prayer is very important for us believers and this book will encourage you to never give up and be that warrior and see your life change for the best!

  22. What a book! Quite informative and inspirational! I must become a better version of myself and make the defining moment count! God bless you Pinnah Waithera.

    1. Wow!,,,This book is a life changer,I can’t get enough of it .It has build my confidence .
      Pinnah you are such a mentor. God bless you.

    1. What inspirational , motivational, spiritual book,it reminds us no situation is permanent,we should trust the process,everything will work out at the end ,with God by our side. Well done.

    2. Amazing book,we should shade off the excuses or what’s is holding us back.Hard work always pays out.I have been encouraged by the book.Thank you

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