End of Corruption


Impeccable answer to a world gone mad with greed, selfishness and insatiable lust God has revealed His plan for humanity to prosper monetarily. He quickly draws the limit line, for money has turned out to be the supreme source of the corrosion threatening the moral fibre of our society. Heartless souls have become as greedy as the grave, shamelessly stealing public funds without a blink of an eye, and take pride in bribes. End of corruption is a treasure of a timeless message.

Bishop Richard has revealed in-depth God’s astonishing involvement in this fragile warfare, which gives us hope beyond hope. He has profoundly answered most confounding questions with regards to Money and Corruption. This book has a rich uniqueness, and hosts three categories of Holy Books; the Bible, the Qur’an and the Gita. Hence with obedience and commitment, corruption will be ripped off and the kingdom of darkness loses fatally.

“Do not bring a detestable thing into your house”, Deutronomy 7:26


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17 thoughts on “End of Corruption

  1. The book End of corruption by Dr.Richard Keturai is awesome actually it’s easy to read and references used accomodates most of religion like Islamic , Christianity and Gita

  2. Corruption is a very sensitive and subtle topic in the whole world but more so in our country Kenya.
    To bring about fairness in opportunities and tremendous growth as individuals and as Kenya as a whole we will need to root out the deep roots of corruption in all our institutions including our churches.

    I believe Bishop Dr. Keturai’s book on End of corruption is a uniquely articulated approach in tackling and ending this demon of corruption. I would no hesitate to add that multi agencies will need to come forward and supported this initiative not to mention the churches who wi need to be at the forefront as much as individual family units.

    May God bless you Bishop for your tireless efforts to end corruption in this our beautiful country…Kenya.

  3. What a book! Bishop Keturai has opened a new sphere for end of the monster of corruption in our country Kenya.. Well put and done.

  4. An excellent biblical book on corruption. Corruption has become an issue that need multifaceted approach to minimize it. Corruption is now rooted in our society and accepted as a way of living and doing things, as a results corruption had killed our society, economy and left many people poor. People have refused to talk openly against the vise, churches have remained silent and this has really abated corruption in our society. This book is a clear example how churches should embrace the fight against corruption. The use of Holy Book scriptures is going to enhance the fight against corruption.

  5. End of Corruption is the answer the world has been yearning for. God has answered our prayer. It will beyond doubt give you value for your money.
    I encourage every individual and country to take advantage of this treasure.
    You may order for your copies now. Blessings

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