Gracious God, I Pray

GRACIOUS GOD, I PRAY provides Biblically-based, short, encouraging prayers that readers can use to start their own life-changing conversations with God. Each prayer includes a Scripture verse to draw people into the Father’s presence as they lift up prayers of thanksgiving, forgiveness, wholeness, healing, and love. This compact book makes a perfect gift of inspiration for any occasion.

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4 thoughts on “Gracious God, I Pray

  1. Such an encouraging piece in times of solitude.May the Lord give you the wisdom to do more books such as this.God bless the work of your hands

  2. A good read. Focus and religious empowerment is easily achieved through prayer.
    By engaging young children in this short prayers and observation of religious doctrines, the world will achieve sanity.

    1. Am so enlightened by this book spiritually,i like how the author articulates every word in simplicity and draws the reader inspiration spiritually.
      Can’t wait to read more books from you🙏

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