Angel in My Home

This book offers the reader a glimpse of heaven. It is based on the experiences of a child who has had several visits to heaven in form of dreams. You will find out a lot about what routinely happens in heaven. You will also see another side of Jesus as He relates to a child in a very personal way. It offers hope to believers and also challenges others to desire to make it to heaven.

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6 thoughts on “Angel in My Home

  1. I read Angel in my Home when I was keen on seeing if there was any similarity between this book’s recount of Heaven and that of Kat Kerry, called Revealing Heaven. I was so pleased to find that the two books had several similar accounts of Heaven. To me, that validated the stories in this book as valid and true since they were validated by another human being in another part of the world. I enjoyed reading the book, and greatly commend you Dr. Nicollete for the job well done.

  2. This is a beautifully written book, that is impactful – gives one glimses of heaven through a child’s dreams.Thank you Barungi family for sharing your story!

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