It’s About God’s Promises

Has your prayer life slackened? Do you feel like the circumstances of your life have really shaken your faith? Has your Bible reading become a ritual rather than a blessed routine? Do you feel like your fellowship with the Lord has become fruitless? If you answered yes to any of these questions this book has been written for you to remind you to live your life on the promises of God and nothing else. These precious promises of God create a true foundation for your prayer life. Believing and praying God’s promises is the secret to availing much in prayer and leads to a fulfilling and satisfying walk with God. In this book you will learn to;  Trust God rather than your feelings  Build your faith in God’s promises  Find God’s promises relevant for your current circumstances  Encourage others to walk in God’s promises Author and Speaker Washington Blessing reminds is that being emotional is not necessarily a bad thing, but trusting your emotions as a Christian is. In your pilgrimage with God sometimes it is easier to trust your feelings, your circumstances, your friends or anything else for that matter rather than in God’s Word. While your circumstances and feelings look and feel real, they are just natural happenings of life. The true happenings relevant to a Christian are only found in God’s Word and in His promises, which guide you when you are overcome with emotion. Fact is, you don’t need all of God’s promises here and now, but the promise you need, that fits your situation, is available in the pages of this book.

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6 thoughts on “It’s About God’s Promises

  1. I read through this great book.
    Simply articulated thoughts and quotes alongside scripture. A powerful combo.

    I enjoyed the book immensely.


  2. Congratulations. Great book. Enjoyed reading about all the contemporaryfaithful men of God

  3. It’s a book that I have been Reading. and if You put the words that are in, you can do more within time.

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