It’s About Time

Are you a busy professional with a side hustle and wondering how you can manage your full time job and the side hustle? Do you feel like you have too many things to do with very little time to do it? Are you stuck and unable to reach your full potential? Do you feel like you are overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, disorganized and discouraged with life? Then this book is written for you. In it you will learn to  Stay organized and focused  Get more done  Achieve your goals  Earn more money  Increase your productivity. The insights in this book will work for you weather you are a professional, entrepreneur, student, manager, supervisor or high achiever. Drawing from the examples of Africans who overcame all odds to lead in various fields from Writing, Athletics, Social rights, Accounting, Media, education and many others you will learn to invest your time rather than spend it. While you can’t make up for lost time this book guides you to create a blueprint for successful time management.

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19 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. This is one of a kind and worth reading. Thank you Jeniffer for sharing the information on where to find the book 📕! Congratulations for the job well researched

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