JuaKali-MBA: My Journey from Medicine to Business

In this motivational-memoir hybrid, Dr. Mwirigi Torooti invites the reader to a journey of knowing self as a foundation to success in life, business, and formal employment. He will take you through a journey of his success, which he attributes to his parents’ work in “Jua Kali”- a term Kenyans use to denote informal sector employment. Following a series of obstacles, challenges and setbacks, he beckons you to embrace the lessons taught by life and use them as stepping stones to get to your next level. By reflecting on the patterns of life, you will also discover the path to purpose (for the beginners) or be encouraged to continue in it (for those already started). It’s a curvy and bumpy life, learn how to get a grip of it in both the up and down seasons and be fulfilled! Because failure is never final until you stop learning and trying again.

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4 thoughts on “JuaKali-MBA: My Journey from Medicine to Business

  1. Pamela Babirukamu. I have read Beaten not Crushed many times, gave it to my husband to read and my niece Sharon has read it twice but the truth is Pamela is a hero. Not many can go through what she’s experienced and still stand firm like she is
    Her book taught me to stop self pity, hold my head high and continue living positively as I serve God, lifting others that happen to be in taters

  2. I have read Beaten not Crushed twice and has made helped me start looking at life differently. Being positive is the word I can say. I started shaking off the pity parties and accept what life has thrown at me. I recommend it to every one.

  3. My sister Pamela Babirukamu tells her story in a candid and inspiring manner. I am glad her story has lifted many people that are in the valley of their lives. Adversity after another, she was tested to the core as a young adult even when we had no answers for her trials. She is an overcomer and her story must be told. May more be inspired to fight on and find their purpose.

  4. Pamela Babirukamu. Her book beaten not crashed makes one overcome pity parties, dust yourself and take up your position. It has brought healing to many women and men

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