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Beaten not Crushed   

When adversity comes falling like hailstorms, finding your grip to carry on can be an uphill task. It is also said that difficult experiences can leave deep, sometimes permanent wounds and visible scars. Most people will go through adversity feeling like victims and not victors. Yet , ironically , struggling through adversity pushes us to grow in ways that ultimately make us wiser and live more fulfilling lives. Pamela like, every person who has been through adversity, has asked the question, does God truly care? She questions his true existence; she questions her identity and femininity; and her purpose too! Pamela lived what she describes as a shielded childhood in the 80\’s. She was rudely awoken by adversity upon adversity in a span of six years, just when she thought one was over, then another hit yet again. She lost her first job, experienced childlessness, failed fertility treatment, lost her brother, lost her 10-year marriage, lost property and went back to live with her parents at the age of 40. This story of how Pamela has bounced out of adversity and been restored into a place of purpose will inspire you. You will experience how God turned her messes into messages and gives her a platform to reach out to others!

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  1. 3 months ago

    Godfrey Kahangi

    Society today celebrates an easy life, and eventually degenerates into hedonism. When the first couple were placed in the Garden.of Eden, they had a responsibility to work and subdue the earth. This is the exact opposite of an easy life.

    Many a time, hardships are cast in an extremely negative light. And who can blame this sentiment. No body relishes suffering. Nonetheless a diamond is only formed after millennia of extreme pressure in the ground. And gold increases value when it is refined after intense heat.

    Pamela wrote this book after she went through the furnace. Anyone who knows Pamela will attest to her deep faith and exuberant cheerful character. I daresay she wouldbt be this intense beacon of hope and encouragemebt if she hadn’t gone through hell and lived to tell the story.

    I highly recommend this book for those going through their personal ‘refiners fire’ journey and for those who have been there and needed to know that others have been there as well. Like Elijah one sometimes needs a timely reminder that YOU’RE NOT ALONE

  2. 3 months ago

    Roseann Dennerelein

    Beaten But Not Crushed was one of the most inspirational books I have ever read on overcomimg adversity.

    Pam was honest and vulnerable about her struggles, which engages the reader.

    With God’s help, Pam climbed from VICTIM to VICTOR.

    Pam is inspiring countless women to be overcomer through Bettendorf But Not Crushed. .

    1. 3 months ago

      Roseann Dennerlein

      Inhitnthe send button in error before reviewing my spelling errors. Insaw a couple of them Please correct them before posting. Thank you.

  3. 3 months ago

    Barbara Asiimwe

    Beaten not crushed teaches us that no matter how hard life hits you, cry if you need to, but no matter what get up and keep moving forward.
    There’s victory in not giving up.

  4. 3 months ago

    Carolyn Ndawula

    Indeed Pamela shares a story that does not define her Divine Destiny!!! God does! and thankfully, she moved by Faith and has beaten the ODDS squarely! I recommend the book to those who feel that their challenges are unique to them and that there is no way out! Pamela is a living Testimony that there is HOPE in adversity.

  5. 4 months ago

    Immaculate Birungi

    Pamela I love how vulnerable you were in this book, Beaten but not crashed. You helped us see that truly life doesn’t end with tribulations…but that with God’s help, we can heal, get up, carry our mats and move on to a more purposeful life…no pain is wasted! Thank you for sharing your story

  6. 4 months ago

    Bob Ninsiima

    That Pam Book must be a must-read basing on the readership comments. It is a real Amazon full of anacondas, vipers and boomerangs of all colors. Like puff-adders_The nicer they seem (with glittering colors) the deeper they bite fatally. Life despite its cherished naturality is just fully-filled with Amazonian crawling creatures.

  7. 4 months ago

    Dorcas Mugarura

    A captivating reminder that no matter what the circumstances are that are weighing you down and how many times you may fall, it is in the getting up and not giving in that counts for so much more. Therein is where our legacy and the overflow of us shines through. Thank you Pam for tangibly bringing this to life through your amazing journey portrayed in this awesome book.

  8. 4 months ago

    Dee Mugisha

    Oh my oh, I can’t remember the last time I read a book without putting it down. This is what bravery looks like. Yes the world can throw everything at you but it certainly can not keep you down. Choosing how you respond is everything and feeling sorry for yourself is an option you can’t afford to take. We all have this inner strength in us. Pam, Thanks abunch for the lessons and the reminders that we are all wonderfully and fearfully made and that we are stronger than we know. Blessings

  9. 4 months ago

    Irene Lugayizi

    The book spoke about the often unspoken, the candle out into the light.
    The book was captivating couldn’t put the book down, deeply engrossing , pure and honest to the bone.

  10. 4 months ago

    Patricia Asiimwe

    Pamela’s story is a story of hope and an encouragement to everybody that there is no trial too great that God cannot see us through to the other side. The Lord surely does work it all out for our good.

  11. 4 months ago

    Shiphrah Kiiza

    I read Beaten not crushed and could not put it down until I finished the book. A captivating story of inner strength, deep resolve and unmatched courage. With life throwing one curved ball after another in Pamela’s direction, she wades on through life, sometimes dragging her feet but still moving forward somehow. The book is an easy read, details life challenges with honesty and candor making it a “hope giving” read. Whether it’s a family, personal or work challenge one is going through, this book will give you hope to keep pushing on. There is hope! What greater encouragement do we need?

  12. 5 months ago

    Maureen Otyek

    Beaten Not Crushed! Is a true reflection of how we are hard pressed on every side but not crushed. Pamela painfully lays it all for any woman to relate to her adversity and find ways of bouncing back. This is not what expected life could throw at her. Having been raised in a beautiful christian family. This is not the kind of life she expected from a God she had served all her life. Through bitterness and frustration, she discoveres great truths that elude many of us. Through her pain she found her purpose and she has passionately helped many deal with their own Woundedness and thrive! This is a great read, encouraging and extremely relatable for any woman from all walks of life. Thank you Pamela!

    1. 4 months ago

      Sylvia Nabulime Mbaziira

      Beaten but crushed by Pamela Babirukamu just made me stronger. My lesson from the whole story is; However much we are put down by life characters we shouldn’t feel drained there’s still light at the end of the tunnel.

  13. 5 months ago

    Dora Kemirimo Okuja

    Who determines your standards for feminity? Who says women never fail? Who says it is hard to be a woman of color and you just need to suck it in and be strong? So many issues in such a small volume. I love this book for being a very tickling story.

  14. 5 months ago

    Lucy Parwot

    When I read Beayen Not Crushed, Pam\s vi;nerability in sharing her story comes out so strong yet at the same time shows such a strength of character. Yes, she was beaten down, as many of us have been by life and yet she glows with the hopefor a better tomorrow. Suddenly, I saw the loss of my child, a really good job, my partner and eviction through the eyes of a victor and not a victim. Thank you, Pam, for bringing healing and restoration into my life.

  15. 5 months ago

    Nagasha Dorah

    When I finished reading “Beaten not crushed”a book by #PamelaBabirukamu, I couldn’t put myself together after this experience.
    A perfectly raised girl steps into the world to follow her dreams only to meet the ‘devil’ himself and all his cousins😒…she is flabbergasted, thunderstruck, stupefied,dazed, astonished and bowled over.She is not the type of girl who will give up….she raises through the brouhaha and bounces back in admonishment ready to find her purpose in life.
    Pamela is buoyant, boisterous, ebullient, inexorable, rigorous, tenacious and unstoppable.She has found her purpose and calling and she is ready to roll with a strong belief in God.
    God is not man that he should lie….. Pamela you are destined for greatness and you will change lives.
    This is a must read 💯


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