Live, Thrive, Love

Life is a privilege and a gift. Like a toolbox, we carry this gift wrapped in different forms, different sizes, and different personalities. We have been given the power of will that obliges us to make a choice on how we use these tools to accomplish life’s purpose. Yet, we live in a world that suffers its own brokenness and with people who like us, are not perfect and we experience less that pleasurable ride through life. This reality can blur us from seeing our worth and from opening the life’s toolbox fully. The purpose of this book is to draw attention to our giftedness and resourcefulness: To paint a picture of hope that we need to adorn ourselves with through different stages of life while signposting what we need to observe in each of those stages; To inspire some courage to be who we were created to be; To hold out our influence and power well, as a gift and using it as a tool of love. What are the seasons of a woman’s life and how does one navigate through them? How does one thrive as a woman leader? How can one steward the gifts of motherhood, of hormones, and of career opportunities? What does mothering styles have to do with own parenting and how can one break the cycle towards missional motherhood? How does one find purpose as a single woman? What are the key elements of resilience through all life’s seasons? What does it really mean to live and thrive? This book answers these questions with a uniting thread of hope and courage. It is organized as stories of women with reflective sections that dig deep into ‘how to thrive’ in different seasons of life. As a researcher, a social anthropologist, I bring some insights from my sustained research on women and femininity. As a Christian, I integrate faith-based lens to present a picture of what I consider as holistic view of a woman’s life – as God sees her, as the world sees her and as she sees herself. The book explores the theme of thriving womanhood through the budding teens, rousing 20s, thriving 30s, fabulous 40s, fantastic 50s and to the legacies of 60s and beyond. I have walked part of this journey and I include some of my own experiences to enliven the reflections. As a woman, a mom, an aunt, a daughter and a granddaughter, I have made conscious observations that have deepened my views and lessons that I give here. May you be roused to live, thrive and love.

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8 thoughts on “Live, Thrive, Love

  1. Unputdownable is how I would describe this book. I enjoyed and learnt so much from the thrilling 30’s, maybe because that’s where I’m headed to. It was quite encouraging to be reminded that I am a full human being, though single at 30, there is no interim living. We ought to live life in its fullness in all stages of lives. Thriving as a woman leader in the fabulous 40’s was another part that I thoroughly enjoyed reading, as women we shouldn’t shrink our awesomeness and our strength, at the same time we ought to be above reproach in our character and our credibility….
    To living, thriving and loving 🥂
    Everyone should read this book.

  2. Such a wonderful read, fit for women of all ages. Women in their early twenties will greatly benefit from the wisdom and experience of those who have gone ahead. It’s a life manual for every woman!

  3. The book is thrilling with stories of childhood experiences. I am particularly encouraged by the fact that the author’s grandfather provided opportunities for the girl child. It is a testament that even in the ages past, there were some with hearts that considered all gender equal.

  4. The book hooked me from the beginning with its unique blend of the author’s personal story, other stories, poetry, and truth all weaved in a captivating manner. I found myself nodding in agreement in the journey through the various phases of life that I have lived and I am sure the wisdom packed about the other stages of life I am yet to live through will stand me in good stead. It’s an inspirational book that can be read at any stage of life and can help one own and accept their experiences and thrive through them.

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