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The Living Faith   

THE LIViNG FAITH is a collection of the author’s significant account that demonstrate how her faith has constantly taken her from awful to amazing situations. Her life was average for so many years. She was satisfied and comfortable with her life. Her dreams were a far-fetched idea and buried deep down inside her, with no action on pursuing them. Each passing day was just a repeat of the day before. Finally, her career was in trouble, her finances were in trouble, her self-esteem was in trouble, her life was just not moving forward, so much was in trouble. Lilian decided to make a change.She began to pursue God like never before, developed a new routine and discovered the power or having purpose and pursuing her dreams. A lot has happened in her life in the recent past after she started to dream and hold onto God’s promises like never before. With gratitude, the author reveals how God has been intervening in her life even during extreme situations. She narrates her miracle life in such a way that you clearly visualise her as if ministering to you face-to-face. The power of living faith is well manifested at different levels and measures. The experiences are documented with clarity and this is a plus to the reader as they can be used to positively influence one’s faith. The book has the central theme of enlivening the reader’s faith by building the foundation on what faith is and what is not through personal experiences. Thus,the birth of this book which she believes will touch many more lives all over the world.

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