My Strong Tower; The Genesis

Ewuresi, Akosua, Ayele and Kumi are young adults battling with the daily temptations that young Christians are bound to face. It is an exciting novel based on the everyday life of the average Ghanaian Christian.

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3 thoughts on “My Strong Tower; The Genesis

  1. A difficult to put away book once one starts reading it. A great and well-written book by all standards and a definite must-read book for every adolescent, parent, teacher, and anybody who takes care of or handles adolescents. An excellent and creative depiction of the difficult to resist temptations that every adolescent will, is, and have gone through. My particular excitement about this book is the establishment of the fact that even though Christians are saved by Grace, every Christian is nonetheless subject to the consequences of his or her actions. Can’t wait for the sequels which must surely follow.

  2. This book is such an interesting read. It depicts the struggles and challenges that teenagers and young adults go through as Christians. It is a must read for every household.You will not be disappointed.

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