When Mama Prays: 21 Days Devotion

In this Devotional Book, Rahab Wangari Macharia delves into the role of mothers in contending for and shaping the destinies of their children through the use of a most potent weapon in the hands of all believing Mums; The weapon of prayer. With a combination of Scriptures that guide the mother on how to pray for herself and her children, for “She and the children whom the Lord has given are for signs and wonders.

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14 thoughts on “When Mama Prays: 21 Days Devotion

  1. Pastor Ray’s “When Mama Prays” is a practical book on how to pray for your children. She is an inspiration to many!!

  2. Past. Rahab Macharia, is Wonderful leader, and passionate about kids and this book gives great lessons on how parents (mothers), can pray and involve God in their children’s future.

  3. When Mama Prays is a practical guide to use, simple yet profound. A must have for all the Mamas and father’s & guardians by extension.

  4. The power of a praying mother couldn’t be more accentuated by this book. Pastor Rahab is a real inspiration to many mothers.

  5. Ps Ray’s “When Mama prays” has not only blessed women with children, but also the wombs of all women without kids yet who have read it.

  6. This is an amazing book. Praying for our children is a gift from God and this devotional book is God sent to our generation

  7. When MAMA PRAYS gives an easy formula for mothers to pray for their children and cover their destinies in God’s favour.

    1. Pastor Rayhab’s book has taught me the importance of praying for my children’s destiny and each of their body parts.

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