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The book is the first volume of the History of Uganda from the Biblical perspective. Most of our early history is founded on mythology, folklore or evolution. In this book, you get to read the Bible as the life manual written by God for the reader, the dreamer, and the one on a quest to make meaning out of life. God did not merely throw words around and out came this world. Like the sculptor and engineer, He carefully and masterfully placed His Words in the universe as valuable trinkets. He unveiled over seven days, a most delightful and perfect maze, our world. This world includes Africa, it includes Uganda and all who live within its boundaries.

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  1. 5 months ago

    Pamela Babirukamu

    I must say that never in this world would I write about Ugandan History let alone even be interested in it. I will applaud Dora for patriotism and understanding her purpose and heeding to the call to capture Gods mind and heart towards Uganda and the unfolding of various events are just but a piece of the great puzzle of creation. I look forward to the second edition. Keep writing Dora!


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