Strength For The Faint-Hearted Ministers

Many of us delay to carry out our Kingdom assignments simply because we wait for a clear picture of our exact calling. Sad enough, many die without having even started the work that God had planned for them. Here is a book of timeless wisdom and compelling ministry standards for all ministers laboring or planning to start laboring in God’s vineyard. You will be inspired, encouraged, and admonished concerning the warfare that you, as a man and woman of God will encounter as you advance the Gospel. The Spirit has quickened these spiritual insights – the truth is penetrating, the impact will be far-reaching and you will receive the strength you need to keep pursuing even when you are weary.

You will learn: • How to prepare for the great commission as man or woman of God • How to jumpstart your service of our Lord Jesus Christ • Receive wisdom to get unstuck in ministry • Receive strength if you have fainted along the way • Get encouraged by stories of other ministers who overcame great challenges in Ministry and continued pursuing. This book is an excellent exposition for ministry. The message is needed by two groups of people: Those who are groping for their areas of calling as well as those who are already pursuing their calling.

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38 thoughts on “Strength For The Faint-Hearted Ministers

  1. In this world where distraction and challenges 0veride our dreams this book is a gem. There is no gain when the assignment is left half way no matter the reason

  2. When we are uncertain of our calling we tend to do so many things in places where God has not called US, but when we come to know our true calling we get the strength to carry on to completion knowing that He who has called us faithful to the end

  3. The book is one of its kind…it is inspiring and giving directions to ministers who are delaying on God’s call not to waste time but take a bold step to serve God.

  4. Personally I vote for this book. It’s full of encouragements especially to upcoming preachers of The word of God in this last dispensation! Where they need a lot of encouragement.
    I recommend all servants of God to buy this book and read.

  5. One book that would make a minister Rise up to the occasion no matter the challenges and getting a clear picture of their particular calling. Worth Reading.

  6. May YOUR words of wisdom and blessings touch many through this work as it has always worked in my life. You are a true servant of the most high.

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