Taking Possession With Jesus

Have you wondered whether there is more to Christianity than what you have been experiencing? Have you felt unfulfilled in your Christian life and your zeal for God is fading away? Do you feel eager to know your calling? Taking over Territories with Jesus is about you fulfilling your God-given purpose of being fruitful, taking dominion and ruling. It is about you exercising authority on earth and forcefully advancing the Kingdom of God. It is about fulfilling the Great Commission. That is why this book is important for every believer, whether newly born-again or mature in Christ. Equipped with a reflection section for bible study, this book will give you practical insights on: • how to respond to God’s call upon your life and to partner with Him for His purposes and glory; • how to live a life of obedience and faith in wicked and tumultuous times; • how to engage in spiritual warfare and live a victorious Christian life; and • how to foster unity of spirit and mind in the Body of Christ, and effectively disciple and mentor others.

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170 thoughts on “Taking Possession With Jesus

  1. Lovely writing by young Faith Mathenge. It gets you thinking about God’s Love as you flip through the pages.Congratulations on being nominated. It’s a lovely book

  2. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make an impact in their generation using well proven Christian principles. Great insights indeed!

  3. This is truly a great book I can recommend to any believer and non believer. It helps one reflect on the awesomeness of God and his love for us through his son Jesus Christ. Congratulations Faith for authoring this book.

  4. Very inspiring book. A must read for all Christians. For the non-believers you have no option but to read this book.

  5. Congratulations Faith. I recomend all believers to read this book. May God continue to use you to inspire many.

  6. For sure knowing my purpose for our God is very important as I live in this world. Very inspiring & timely message. This is very good of you my sis Faith.

  7. This book is a MUST read for every believer whether newly born-again or mature Christian. Faith, you’re a blessing to the body of Christ.

  8. Wonderful read……the sheer depth of each paragraph and divine revelation overall is profound…..I know I’ll read it at least twice!…..& I’ll have my brightest highlighter as I go along. I recommend it for every believer with even a modicum of Berean blood flowing in them especially in this revival season!

  9. The book is really INSPIRING, and also a study material. One can ready over and over again. When reading I just find myself move into prayers. God bless you Faith for allowing god to use you.

  10. It is a Life Transformational book I recommend it to all Christians, be it a newly born again Christian or One who has been walking with the LORD Jesus Christ for a long time.

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