To Chase a Dream in Nairobi

This memoir, To Dream in Nairobi©, is a collection of Kimathi Kaumbutho’s experiences as he realized a dream that many told him was unachievable. The pages of this book are full of tears, sweat, and adrenaline. From playing on grassless pitches in Kenya to winning a National Championship and scholarships in the US, this is a story of courage and perseverance… a true testament to what sheer determination can do. If you have a dream that is bigger than your circumstances, this book will give you the inspiration and example you need to chase it. This is every dreamer’s dream book and a must-have for every gifted youth. His journey serves to inspire youth especially in Kenya, and Africa as a whole, to chase their dreams and live the life they have envisioned for themselves.

Today, Kimathi runs the True Talents of Africa Football Academy that has over 120 student-athletes and has sent several players internationally on soccer scholarships since 2018.
The book is a collection of short stories which are both nerve-racking and captivating, aimed at demonstrating all the peaks and troughs of Kimathi’s journey toward his dreams. The stories also serve to teach youth about what they are likely to encounter when they aspire to live out their dreams.

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44 thoughts on “To Chase a Dream in Nairobi

  1. Thank you for making us proud. With the bright BEGINNING, tomorrow awaits you to do more marvelous deeds. May God give you the energy and the WISDOM to conquer the world.

  2. This is such a great inspiration to the youths, not only in africa but also IN the entire WORLD. Keep SOARING. Kudos

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