The Ghastly Makungu Forest

Ghastly! Such a grim word. Yet, Makungu Forest is only best described by it. A description that makes it eerie, particularly because of the wild man who to some was imaginary and to others, real. A mystery for the reader to discover. The book offers an adventurous experience for the daring young reader to embark on with lots of courage. There is also an unresolved mystery which leaves the young reader in wonder – an important activity for the mind.

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37 thoughts on “The Ghastly Makungu Forest

  1. This is a great read and I must say very inspiring to the young generation. We are watching this space for the next one. Keep it up!

  2. Would I be wrong if I said, “Victor is the writer we have been waiting for?” No! Going by the style and energy displayed in the Makungu Forest, I can say this confidently. The book reminded me of the beautiful stories I missed growing up. What a captivating story. Well told and such a quick read. I wantto pre-order your next book!

  3. My kids ( 7 and 5 year old), my husband and myself enjoyed reading the book on our way to work/ as we drop the kids to school too. The kids enjoyed the book, they always looked forward to what was going to happen.

    It is a captivating book. Very creative and well written.

    Keep up the Spirit Victor.

    We look forward to reading more.

  4. My Kids ( 7 and 5 year Old ) enjoyed the two books. We read the books on our way to school every morning and they were looking forward to the next chapter each day. Excellent writing skills, top notch English grammar, creative and very captivating.

    Great job Victor. We look forward to more.

    Keep up.

  5. We are out of Makungu Forest 🏃🏽‍♀️

    I enjoyed it, a quick read.

    One question is how Whitestone kept the men enslaved…it would be a lovely follow up *The Slaves of Makungu Forest*.

    There is a greater direction on faith in this book.

    Again contemporary issues captured :

    A key one on missing fathers and siblings assuming roles

    leadership succession and the importance of continuity

    The value of authentic freewill human interaction

    Finally for a moment I could hear Victors voice in my head especially as I came to the close of the book.

  6. Lovely. Captivating, an inspiration without an age bracket reach. Victor, I can only say bravo. Such talent. God bless you

  7. Congratulations Victor!

    I Love the Title already, can’t wait to see the inside pages…Looking forward to see you Emerge the Best!

  8. Congrats Victor. The sky is lower limit and with God nothing is impossible. Go go my son and may God go before you

  9. This book has truly given me the motivation and drive to pursue my creative dreams. I have met the author and he is just like all of us and this truly shows that whoever you are you can fulfill your dreams and you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I recommend this book to young adults and hope it encourages more in pursuing their dreams and goals.

  10. Viktor, this is such an inspiration for the younger generation and i pray and hope that you continue with your creative work and through God’s hand, guide many.

    Kudos and keep up

      1. This book is so amazing…. Such outstanding creativity from a young teenager. Keep it up! We’re looking forward to more🤩🤩

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