An Incredible Journey

An Incredible Journey is the voice of a village boy from Kenya to Cambridge University. An educator and a pastor, with MA, PGCE from University of Cambridge, history of extensive travel and a passion for charity work – the work of God. The book is about his life, full of both challenges and triumphs, hence, an inspiration.

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25 thoughts on “An Incredible Journey

  1. Congratulations Mr. John L. Shabaya.Bigups for deciding to inspire many through the writings on your testament. Indeed God can do Wonders, whatever that is impossible in our own eyes is possible with Him.I’m inspired too.

  2. I have personally gone through the book .Its inspirational book .The story is flowing, real and touching.Any person who has given up and reads the book,the person will rise again due book stimulation.Kudos Mr shabaya!

  3. Congratulations John Shabaya
    This is a well deserved success
    Your hard work and perseverance have paid off .You are a true inspirational to all people from all walks of life. It’s a demonstration that with determination you can make it in life regardless of your background
    This book will inspire many generations To come. I have read the book and can read it again. I actually cried tears of joy. Our young generation especially from minority backgrounds will be greatly inspired
    Keep up the great work of love for books and education. I can’t wait to read what you have to write next

  4. This is a true representation of our inner strength, believing and growing that small strength left in us to make a stride. Quiet a reading to transform a mind. Congratulations John L. Shabaya.

  5. Thanks Shabaya for writing this book it will inspire many not only from Africa but all over the world to them that are less privileged.Such an awesome story Congs.

  6. Very interesting book. The moment I met Rev John Shabaya in Kenya in early 1970’s, I knew he would do something worth of accolades in his life time. I strongly recommend his book for the nomination.

  7. Congratulations Mr John L Shabaya this is great inspiration to the young generation, that it is possible to raise from a low level and became a successful person who can inspire others, I celebrate you Sir.

  8. Congratulations Mr J. Shabaya. The book is indeed an incredible journey that will hopefully help to inspire the young and the old alike. To realise, it’s lack is never a reason not to be ambitious, resilience and commitment pays in the long run and there’s never an age limit to start our journey of success be it in academia or indeed becoming an aspiring author. A book worth reading and possibly a literature material in future!!

  9. Thanks John for the story. God is the Almighty, He made you climb from The African village boy to a writer. That is great. God bless you you.Will be happy to receive your book.

  10. Thank you for showing interest in my story. Yes the story is a testament, it is possible with God. Enjoy the read, be inspired too.

  11. Congratulations John L Shabaya for committing to share an immense experience of an African child who emerged from the shell of huts setting and climbed a vast ladder of academics in the lands yonder,indeed it is possible with God. Personally will have to purchase and make a thorough survey of the book, page by page to be illuminated more, bravo.


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