The Trail of Blood

The trail of blood explores the redemption process and what we were redeemed from the onset of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane to the Cross.The book is based on expounding the events of Jesus Christ leading up to the Cross and what we were redeemed from. Aimed to help believers understand the variance between Christ shedding His blood and dying on the cross, in attempt not to separate the two and its effects upon our lives through differentiating sin and sins. It intricately explores how the events of Christ give us the will power to say no, how the plucking of Christ’s beards restores our faith and how our will and desires are integrated into the same. We also try to demystify how events like piercing nails in His hands and feet with the final act of being pierced by a spear on His side, which led to the gushing out of water and blood, symbolize our ability to have relationships that are pure honest and just and to forgive as well.

Author Bio

Bryan Mbego is an ardent mentor to young adults through life skills and leadership training founded on Biblical principles. His aspiration over the years to understand the power of the blood has led to the write-up of this book. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Development Studies from Moi University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies from Africa International University, in addition to a Diploma in Community Based Development (Concentration: Project Management) from Premese Africa Development Institute. He was awarded a certificate of participation in writing an article on Integrating Biblical faith and learning for sustainable development, during the Kabarak University 5th Annual International Conference Call for papers.

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29 thoughts on “The Trail of Blood

    1. Having personally interacted with the author, I anticipated the book would be deep and understandable. On reading it, it was both what I thought and much more. Edifying, thought provoking, enlightening and transformational! Such a blessing!

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