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My realization of authorship started at an early age
My name is Bryan Mbego, a born again Christian and a mentor to young adults. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Development Studies from Moi University. I Hold a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies from Africa International University, in addition to a Diploma in Community Based Development (Concentration: Project Management) from Premese Africa Development Institute. I was awarded a certificate of participation in writing an article on Integrating Biblical faith and learning for sustainable development, during the Kabarak University 5th Annual International Conference Call for papers. I work as a project assistant within the Mau-Mara Sub landscape with a Conservation NGO, WWF – Kenya.

I am honoured by the support from my Family, mentees, and friends who encouraged me through the manuscript. My passion has always been to add value to young adults in high school and university through life skills and leadership training founded on Biblical principles. My life journey has been interesting. The realization of writing a book started earlier in my teenage life. Being in a boarding school, I would always find myself writing journals of how my week has been in terms of growth, experience, and set goals to challenge myself.

I was always an average student, and I needed to constantly remind myself through writing that I needed to do better. The pressure of being the best made me capitalise on my time in sports. My heart was always filled with joy as I narrated how each game was. I was a reserved and secretive person hence making sure no one read my diaries. With my father being abroad, I learned the art of writing letters. It is still fresh in my mind how he would be quick to correct any grammatical errors in my letters. Every time he did so, I took it positively and challenged myself by reading more storybooks and even the dictionary.

Surrendering my life to Christ inspired my writing
Giving my life to Christ while in form three back in high school unconsciously became the commencement to research on the power of the Blood that had redeemed and changed me so much. My character and personality undertook a total transformation. I started writing down scriptures on the power of the blood in my journal and woke up every night to pray at 2 am. The solitude moments enabled me to create a personal relationship with God. At this point, I had been appointed as the Christian union – Organizing Secretary. My friends would comment on the change of my character from time to time and appreciate who I had become.

My fellow students and those in the lower form would come to me for advice. My leadership in high school transitioned into going back to different high schools across the country to minister to young adults. In my journey of ministry, I have been inspired by several people who had surrounded me. I also love reading Myles Munroe’s books and this became the sole foundation of my inspiration. At one point in his preaching, he gave a story of how he started writing and the importance of how a book lives beyond the author of the book. This led me to stop holding back to my journals and start working on a book. At the time I wanted to pick on a topic to write, I did an extensive research and realized there are a number of books written about relationships and Christian dating, hence focusing on the blood of Christ which had not been covered in the manner I would have wanted a young adult to understand and appreciate the redemption process.

The intention of my book
The aim of the book nominated for this award, “The Trail of Blood” is to demystify the redemption process and help young adults appreciate the trials that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ went through from the garden of Gethsemane to the Cross. In the years that I have done ministry in high school, I got to realise that many young people “know about” Jesus but do not know Him at a personal level. This led to the birth of the manuscript The Trail of Blood. My desire to both understand what the blood of Jesus Christ had redeemed us from as he was being led to the cross from the garden of Gethsemane and to break it down to young people has been an enriching experience. Not knowing the right publisher, the number of copies to produce and the many daft reviews I had to correct were some of the major challenges I encountered through the processes. I am thankful to CLC for creating such an amazing platform for African Authors.

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