I Set Foot – Adventure; Love; Travel


Anthony Muchiri

Anthony’s love for the great outdoors has seen him excel in water rescue/s and highly regarded in matters water safety and rescue.

When you take away the career side, then the wild side of Anthony comes alive with every day yearning for the next destination from camping to seven-star hotels and anything in between, Anthony is good to go.

Having started off as a scout and backpacking in Europe and the middle east. Anthony enjoys the company of family and friends in equal measure.

Anthony has a unique way of giving everyone around his space unique ideas and insights for a better life. He keeps everyone entertained with laughter and a new way of being that leaves all inspired to really do what matters to you and in your life.

Driven by the past is in the past where it belongs, Anthony will push you to decide on what you want in life, plan for it and go get it.

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I Set Foot is a book that explores the intersection between life adventures, travel and love.

Travel is often viewed solely through the lens of fun or business.

I Set Foot breaks down the walls between these two and unveils how adventure, love and travel can exist in a symbiotic relationship.

Life is an adventure. Seek it out and enjoy it fully. Set foot into thrilling destinations as you discover what makes you tick. Love is the most powerful thing in the world. Embrace and nurture it it through travel. Set out and set foot and you will nourish love. It thrives in journeys. Travel is much more than packing your bags. It is also about opening your eyes to new horizons. When you set foot on those horizons, your mind is opened, your heart enlarged.

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