Taking Possession With Jesus


Have you wondered whether there is more to Christianity than what you have been experiencing?

Have you felt unfulfilled in your Christian life and is your zeal for God is fading away?

Do you feel eager to know your calling?

Taking Possession with Jesus is about you fulfilling your God-given purpose of being fruitful, taking dominion and ruling. It is about your exercising authority on earth and forcefully advancing the Kingdom of God. It is about fulfilling the Great Commission. That is why this book is important for every believer, whether newly born-again or mature in Christ.


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Equipped with a reflection section for Bible study, this book will give you practical insights on:
How to respond to God’s call upon your life and to partner with Him for His purposes and
How to live a life of obedience and faith in wicked and tumultuous times;
How to engage in spiritual warfare and live a victorious Christian life; and,
How to foster unity of spirit and mind in the Body of Christ, and effectively disciple and
mentor others.

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