I was a literature student in secondary school and my English teacher appointed me Editor in Chief of the school magazine. He also encouraged me to pursue writing and advised me to consider pursuing a career in journalism at the University.
Unfortunately the University of Nairobi had not finished establishing a Journalism faculty at the time –  1970. So i ended up joining Arts faculty and pursued Economics and Literature as my major subjects and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Literature.
One of my lecturers was Ngugi Wa Thiongo who inspired me into authorship but i ended up in a career in civil service as a Tax Assessor. After retirement i recalled that i needed to pursue a career in writing and that is how i started writing in 2012.l am now 74 yrs old and have authored 11 books and am working on the 12th one.
My books are:
1.Set The Last Captives Free
2.The Tale of Innocent Imani
3. Born To Die
4.Amazing Love
5. Why Jesus Christ
6.Mateka Wa Mwisho Wakombolewe.
7. Hadithi Ya Imani Asiye na Hatia
8.Kuzaliwa Ili Kufa.
9.Mahaba Ya Kushangaza
10. Kwa Nini Ni Yesu Kristo
11. Imani Otari Na Mamocho.
I am currently a nominee on Born To Die, a story of street children bound together in life and in death, leaving their foster father and adopted family devastated. The book is intended to bring to the attention of the world the suffering and anxieties of the downtrodden, forgotten and the abandoned in the society eg street families. They go through a life of struggle to survive, that is beyond imagination. Their end is not often victorious-it can be tragic. They are also lured into crime and end up being killed .
In a sensational narrative full of suspense, a remarkable will to survive, even triumph when dealt the worst blow, is brought by a trio of young men brought and bound together for life. Towards their tragic end, in one of their conversations: “Brother, you seem to have ideas, Who wouldn’t like to be rich? Even those beggars you see out there want to be rich. If there’s a way you can help us , help us. We have families now and our wages cannot meet our living expenses”, rejoined Nameless. “You’re people who are burying your heads in the sand, I will show you the way, replied Bouncer.
Getting rich quickly led to their tragic end. In Mara country, getting rich quick by any means had become respectable. The society caused the deaths of a trio who had made inroads into getting an identity and recognition in society. How is it that Mara wouldn’t attend to the issues of deprivation and hopelessness and fight rampant corruption and immorality?
Mara society and governments are guilty of social neglect. It never bothered them that there were thousands of street families in their cities. Their grand plans didn’t include them. They had no moral fibre.
What happened in Mara is happening in many parts of the world, extreme poverty in the midst of plenty!

My name is Richard Mwebesa. Born again and love the Lord. Born in Uganda. Iam voice of Inspiration.
I am is a Certified Business Professional Master Executive, and hold an MBA. I am also a seasoned marketing, business development and sales professional with vast experience in those fields. Currently works with a leading diversified financial services group in East and Central Africa. I have worked with leading brands in Uganda in the Insurance and Technology space and i do consultancy work with the Insurance Training College of Uganda (ITC).

I am passionate about developing systems and unlocking potential within others. I have been an active minister for now over 20 years. I was a lead vocalist and lyricist for the award wining music and gospel dance group ” Kingdom Dancers”. My passion for writing started in high school where i was an active writer in the weekly school newspaper called the weekly herald at Nakasongola Army Secondary School. As well as a publishing member of the school magazine. I always wanted to author but you know that resolution that you always write down year on year and carry forward every year never making it happen. In the year 2019 June i travelled for a conference in cape town and the facilitators of that conference asked each participating candidate to pick just 1 task they have always wished to execute and commit to making it happen all the way.

Mine was not much to think about. It had always been writing and being an author. I penned it down and affirmed to self i would find ways to make it happen. I honestly did not know where to start, what to write about and how to do so. My desire was so solid that it out competed my fear of starting. I got to my knees and prayed about it for God’s counsel and direction. I asked my Pastor to pray with me about it too. We prayed and by God’s grace, the Lord brought my way answers on how to start and a Coach to guide me. But all in all, the Holy Spirit was my councilor about what to write. I wanted a book that would impact anyone and everyone who read it. One that would minister to lives the gospel but very inspiring and exciting. 4 months later i had my first manuscript ready. I had to go thorough various titles and content review which was completed and my first book Out of the Crowd was ready.
“Out of the crowd” was birthed from the reality that the World is constantly looking for and in pursuit of the best candidate they can get in every field. It is without a doubt that today being the best is not enough, but rather, outstanding people have become the new normal pursuit.

Their value is to lead and usher others into greatness. This truth got me asking questions about what things qualify one as an outstanding person? This brought me to the realization that outstanding people are indeed as regular as anyone can be. The underlying fact is that they constantly and perpetually apply specific secrets in their lives. Observing those that have stood out, one will notice constants in them and when applied appropriately, timely and consistently this then catapults them to grow and blossom into outstanding people. This revelation ignited me and compelled me to share these secrets and there is no better way to share than authoring a book about it. “Out of the Crowd- The ultimate guide to mastering the art of standing out” was then carefully woven into words that I believe shall provide great value to anyone who invests their time to read them.

Ever thought about why some people have everything going for them while others have absolutely nothing to show for their honest and decent hard work? This book is a simply-written and easy to read collection of valuable guidelines that reveal the secrets that define outstanding people. In it are seven practical elements that are constants for those people who are outstanding, with real-life context based on the author’s experience. Find out why some lead and others follow, why some display perpetual greatness where others identify with mediocrity. This book is the ultimate guide to mastering how to be outstanding. Contained in its pages are:

• 3 keys to unlock your authentic identity
• 5 character traits that define those who are outstanding
• 7 winning behaviors
• 6 initiative catalysts
• 11 pillars to enable you stay relevant
• 2 imagination barriers and 3 tactics to un-cage your imagination
• 13 perseverance achievement hacks
This book will open you up to possibilities to enable you work towards developing your authentic identity and unique personal brand. Explore why some people stand out and soar out of the crowd to become specialist generalists, while others remain mysterious anomalies.

One evening i was praying and the Holy Spirit led me to compile all quotes i was using to push my book out there. Instructions were clear. Compile all your quotes into a book. The title was also so clear. I did not procrastinate on that. As i started to think how to make it happen the title clicked in my mind. ” Inspired by Forty”. What about being Inspired by Forty? Lifestyle, Love, Hope and Character. Voula! The book was ready. Lay ups were made plus pictures of nature and birds were added from an amazing photographer colleague at work. My 2nd book was ready. A book of quotable quotes. I was not sure anyone had ever written such a book. It did not matter. I had my orders from above. That’s all that mattered. Inspired by Forty- Lifestyle, Love, Hope and Character Quotable quotes is a book collection of 40 quotable quotes that are packed with wisdom nuggets to ignite a call to action in the reader. Words are powerful and the right ones do not only have the power to change lives but transform them.

These words of wisdom will enable you to build the foundation to have insightful guidelines that will enable you to stay on the course you choose to take. We are the captains of our own lives. Like a ship’s radar the Inspired by forty quotable quotes shall enable the captains steer their lives in the direction they so choose. Easy to memorize, simple to refer to and resoundingly exciting they are. Read and find out for yourself. Feel free to circulate the book in all your networks for someone to be blessed.
Welcome onto the ship of the insightful.
Richard Mwebesa – Author Out of the Crowd & Inspired by Forty.

Social Media is full of political arguments, show off and all sorts of things. From the pulpits there seems to be a condemnation of usage of social media. Should believers be using social media? This was a few years ago, of course things are now different.

It was at that time that I decided to use my Facebook platform to share a Bible text in this seemingly secular virtual world. The reception was good and I got encouraged. Some texts were not straightforward and needed some explanation. The followers seemed to appreciate a text that comes with some explanation. That begun my journey of daily writing. I write everyday a scriptural thought built around a text. I had earlier published two books extracted from my Masters and Doctoral Thesis, but academic writing has a limited impact only on the academic sphere.

Social media count showed that more people appreciated simplified daily thoughts. I therefore decided to publish a few of the daily thoughts to asses the reception. That is how the book “Nuggets to Live By” came about. That is my small journey to authorship. I invite you to visit my website which has daily articles from scripture. You can also visit my YouTube page where I regularly publish biblical based educative videos. My books are sold on Amazon.com. You can also find them in Kenya through Adventist Book Center (ABC)in various towns. I am on social media platforms by my name Rei Kesis.

Rei Kesis YouTube Channel (subscribe, click on notification and share) –http://youtube.com/reikesis

Rei Kesis books on Amazon (Amazon will sell and deliver anywhere in the world. For those in Kenya you can buy from any ABC close to you. ABC is Adventist Book Center) –https://www.amazon.com/s?k=rei+kesis&ref=nb_sb_noss

Rei Kesis daily blog –https://reikesis.com/

I am Gideon Nyakiongora,73 years young. I graduated from University of Nairobi in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Literature. I was employed by Income Tax Department of the Treasury and worked there for 33 years and retired in the year 2006.

After retirement i had plenty of time to do something because at 58 yrs i was still feeling young and wanted to continue working. At KRA i was a manager from early eighties and retired as a Senior manager at the Domestic Taxes Department, Times Tower. So with free time in my hands , I set up a tax Consultancy which i did for almost 10 years and said it was enough. Then I remembered what i had intended to do at the university; Journalism but the faculty had not been established at the University of Nairobi then and hence forcing me to join the faculty of arts. Why I wanted to do journalism was through encouragement from my English teacher McClure, who liked my English and made me the Editor in Chief of Getembe , the Kisii High Shool Magazine.

Indeed i had mastery over languages though i was also able to do mathematical subjects like Economics and pass with honors. I also did accounts. In fact KRA bosses loved my work such that even after reaching my retirement they extended my stay with them for an extra 3 years to perform special tasks. So i started writing from around 2011.I submitted manuals to the publishers for approval and publication but was disappointed that while editors recommended my work for publication, the top bosses would turn them down and decline publication. I felt frustrated. In fact, one member of one firm’s editorial team advised me privately to do self-publication and this is what i did and established my own publishing company, known as Gideon Wisdom Publishers which i use and i have already published 11 books viz:
1.Set The Last Captives Free.
2.The Tale Of Innocent Imani.
3.Born To Die
4.Amazing Love
5.Why Jesus Christ
6.Mateka Wa Mwisho Wakombolewe
7.Hadithi Ya Imani Asiye Na Hatia
8.Kuzaliwa Ili Kufa
9.Mahaba Ya Kushangaza
10.Kwanini Ni Yesu Kristo
11.Omogano O’Imani Otari Na Mamocho
Those are the books i have so far authored and published and they are in the market, with all the English books available on Amazon.

I do Christian mission work under a ministry called Come Back Home, whose target is to arouse Christians to reach out to Muslims because Muslims are also the harvest field for our Lord and Savior who has redeemed us from sin and made us co-heirs with, Him without paying the price. The book is appealing not only to general non-believers to come to the faith, but to other faiths as well. This is why i have included Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainists, Confucianism in my appeal having studied something about their faiths. I am still writing and by the grace of God I feel fully charged to continue.

DANIEL DRILEBA DRATIBI my name. Born in a Christian family, raised in the church by my parents Rev. Gard and Ruth Obale. Trained as a high school teacher and after teaching for 7 years the Lord called me to full time ministry as a Pastor at Masaka Pentecostal Church Uganda, East Africa on 2 January 2015. Happily married to Eva Amongin Drileba with 3 children so far.

My Dad was bitterly rejected for choosing to become a Christian in 1975 before he got married. Our grand father was a village activist for polygamy. Having been born in a family of 13 wives, my grandfather badly wanted all his children to have more 3 wives at least. While growing up I heard him telling us that when you bring the first wife, don’t take more than 6 months before bringing the second. As the 2 wives are starting to get along, get the third one so that they don’t get used to each other and agree to betray you. When my Dad refused to listen to his advice, he was excommunicated by the family. He then asked the entire village to have nothing to do with my dad and his family incase of anything. He only had a small space to put a house but chose to remain in the village and decided to serve God. Without any property in the village, he chose to start the first church in our community and he then married in 1980 and indeed he participated alone in the entire marriage process without the involvement of the family.

As I came into the picture, since my Dad’s entire family was rejected, I was a victim of circumstance. Though our grand father had 13 wives and some of my uncles and aunts were wealthy by village standards, they didn’t support our education, accommodation, welfare etc. In a way, God saw me through school amidst bitter rejection in our village government schools both primary and secondary. I was repeatedly reminded how we were cursed by our grandfather and as result we would never succeed in life. My dad kept reminding us with the promises of God in the Bible. After completing my course as a high school teacher in 2007, even though I felt I was ready to relate with girls and think of getting married, the rejection continued. Had 8 heartbreaks of broken relationships before finally getting married in 2017 and the indeed just like my Dad, I had the entire marriage process without the involvement of my paternal relatives.

I received bitter rejection from the family of my wife, because I couldn’t afford to pay all the dowry of ten cows, ten goats and four million Ugandan shillings at once. They viewed me as a poor teacher who could not be in a position to take care of their daughter. Thankfully she loved me and believed in me. After 3 years of a standoff, they finally allowed us to get married seeing that we were really in an unconditional love. I was rejected at school where I was teaching after being promoted to the director of studies and later the deputy headteacher. My fellow teachers believed that I was not fit to lead, given that there were some older teachers who had been in the school longer. But I had to do my work till I was called to the full time ministry in 2015.

I discovered my ability to become an author in 2017 after evaluating myself and having gone through a coaching session with a company called Imagine me Africa, which challenged me to discover who I was and what I had been created for. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity which helped me discover my gifts, talents and strengths of which being an author stood out. I decided to write in order to inspire, motivate, empower individuals for holistic transformation of generations through my personal story and testimony. Having gone through rejection from home, school, place of work and relationships, this did not stop me from accomplishing my purpose and dream and my ideal satisfied life. I chose to minister healing, restoration and holistic transformation to people who could be going through or have gone through the same using my books. For example, despite having gone through eight broken relationships, I got and I am still married with three children so far.

In the Bible, just as Apostle Paul told the church in Corinth in his letter to the them in the book of 2 Corinthians 1:2-11. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Comfort in Suffering. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds through Christ. Now if we are afflicted, it is for your consolation and salvation, which is effective for enduring the same sufferings which we also suffer. Or if we are comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation. And our hope for you is steadfast, because we know that as you are partakers of the sufferings, so also you will partake of the consolation. Delivered from Suffering. For we do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, of our trouble which came to us in Asia: that we were burdened beyond measure, above strength, so that we despaired even of life. Yes, we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead, who delivered us from so great a death, and does deliver us; in whom we trust that He will still deliver us, you also helping together in prayer for us, that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the gift granted to us through many. Pauls Sincerity. NKJV

2 Corinthians 4:8-9
We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed. NKJV

I believe the challenges I went through as a child till adulthood was to benefit the kingdom of God. As an African child, I have been through a lot of pain, heartbreaks and depression and has seen many fellow humans go through the same. Abandonment, insults and abuse, false accusations, starvation, corporal punishment and harassment, isolation from others, negative attitude towards you, never been appreciated but rather blamed, being despised etc, are forms of rejections for various reasons. I have discovered that rejection is one of the major factors leading to youths and adults not realizing their dreams. Due to the compounded effect of rejection, so many people get themselves self- imprisoned. A prison is a facility in which inmates are forcibly confined and denied freedom under the authority of the state. Life imprisonment is any sentence of imprisonment for a crime committed under which convicted people are to remain in prison either for the rest of their natural lives or until pardoned, paroled or otherwise commuted to a fixed term. In this case a prison can be classified as; Physical prison, Financial prison, Social prison, Emotional prison, Mental prison, Spiritual prison.

The pain of this imprisonment results in low self-esteem, passion, dreams and vision. Creating a state of confusion, regret, bitterness, anger and jealousy. Promoting domestic violence, poor health, separation and divorce, depression, suicide and murder. Creating dysfunctional societies with high crime rates. When I now look back at the rejection i went through and the impact it has had on my life and how I overcame, I have no doubt that there is hope for everyone and help is available to overcome its negative impact.

My books offer practical solutions to rejection, heartbreak and depression in homes, school, place of work, relationships, marriage etc., and teaches you how to; make the shift from simply surviving to thriving, and release blocks that may have been holding you back from breakthrough to greatness. It also helps the reader discover his true genius gifts to fulfill their purpose and calling, attract a romantic partner who is a true equal or transforms your present relationship, become authentically confident, be supported, loved, and valued by all the people close to you. When I decided to publish my books, I tried many publishing companies in Uganda but they didn’t see the potential in my book and also charged me money that I could not afford. I then decided to have an online class with Chandler Bolt and Rob Kosberg on Facebook for self-publishing! It worked! I then followed the entire process and self- published my books.

I faced some challenges especially financially to have the entire process done. Many people didn’t believe in my dream of becoming an author as a result they were not ready to invest or lend me money to accomplish my dream. I am glad I didn’t listen to their negative and discouraging voices. Apart from writing, I love teaching, coaching, counseling, music dance and drama, networking, speaking, helping others and having quality time with my family.
The most surprising things I learned in writing my book is commitment and determination. I didn’t know that I was very committed and determined until My wife made that comment one day that if I could do every other thing like the way I do the books, I would be very far with life! I had sleepless nights in that the classes were running in the morning and afternoon in the United States of America that is late in the night here in Uganda. I had to do the assignments in time. Thankfully it was during our total lockdown in Uganda.

My suggestions to other authors in Africa is that Its possible to cause impact and transform lives through our experiences in books. Lets embrace the art of writing and preferably self-publishing. Africa has the best natural talent and resources from the diverse cultures. Lets embrace it, nurture it and develop it. Together we can.

My name is Hannah Nduta popularly known as Hannah Kagiri. I am a born again Christian, and a mother of four children though my eldest daughter passed on in the year 2014. I am married to Patrick Kagiri and we live in Thogoto, Kiambu County.

Professionally, I am an educator and a professional counselor. I love children dearly, right from the time I was a student in secondary school to date, I have been a Sunday school teacher, I also serve in the Christian Education Committee at PCEA Kikuyu township church. My writing journey started way back in primary school. My splendid performance in the English language motivated me to pursue a degree course in English Literature at Kenyatta University. Reading widely enormously ignited in me a desire to put my experiences in writing. Any piece of writing I come across be it old newspapers, magazines, the bible and online stories, i would find myself reading. Being a reserved lady, writing has been my number one way of venting out my deep emotions. In one of the chapters in my book ‘Shape your Destiny’ I have penned down a tribute to my late father.

Dad died in the year 2004 after a short illness. I was the one who was with him during the last moments of his life. His death dealt a big blow to me. He was the pillar of our family and an adorable father. I particularly adored him, he used to tell me that I was named after his sister who was never born. He would fondly call me ‘Gatuta witu’ translated to ‘Nduta my sister’. Dad cherished education and he would even sell the family cattle to pay for our education. He educated the eleven of us without a regular job and no business.

‘Shape your Destiny’ was born out of my experience while teaching in high school and in my church. Teenage is a crisis stage in children. They struggle with establishing their identity, settling in their changing body and fitting in with their peers. It is a stage between childhood and adulthood that should be handled carefully. A part from the physical changes, there is the emotional and psychological aspect of their development that largely dictates their behavior at this level. Parents and guardians should endeavor to understand what informs their children behavior at this stage rather than react and scold them when they go astray. Creating time for them and maintaining good communication helps to mitigate challenges related to the adolescent stage.

My struggles in secondary school and how I dealt with them resonates with many young people today. One of my mentors who read my manuscript asked me to give her a copy of my book after I publish and that is how I got the courage to Publish ‘Shape your Destiny’.

I was in form 3, fifty five years ago. We were doing English Literature with Sister Stella in Huruma High School, Nairobi. The set book was Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. That was my first encounter with poetry. I fell in love with it and promised myself that one day, I will be a writer of poetry. Sister Stella also told me that I would be a writer in my later life.

One month before sitting for my form 4 exam, I went home to Murang’a. I told my grandmother to pray for me so that I pass my exam. That would qualify me to join form 5 and 6 and then the University of Nairobi – the only university in Kenya at that time. It was a serious issue that needed a fervent prayer. My grandmother used to pray night and day; that was her business. She did it diligently even though she was bedridden and blind. She was a great worshiper, all by herself in bed with the loudest voice in that area. This is how she prayed for me, “Almighty Father, Lord God in heaven, help this child to get the wisdom of God and not the wisdom of the pen; in the name of Jesus Christ amen. I did not say amen. I told her to pray again for my exam. She said she has finished praying. That made me angry and I told her so; having gone all the way from Nairobi for nothing. This is my point. The book that I have just written is about the Love of God in Christ Jesus, which is the wisdom of God. Even though she is long dead, my book is the outright answer to her prayer which I foolishly rejected.

God is so faithful. He is so good, so loving, so forgiving. At His feet I fall prostrate, saying thank You Lord, for receiving me, just the way I am: coming home from a far country, where I have been feeding pigs and eating their food – the prodigal son. Lest I withhold necessary information, I never imagined that I would ever write a Christian book. I never attended a Bible School and have never preached. But I go to Church. I also intercede as instructed by the Holy Spirit, anywhere and anytime. As far as possible, I attend keshas. I started my teaching career as a Math teacher in a Secondary School, then a Secretarial teacher, then a Hotel Correspondence teacher and retired as a Communication Lecturer. What I knew all along is that I must write a book; to tell the world that, God healed me miraculously when I suffered a very bad car accident 46 years ago.

It was a head-on collision. Both cars were complete wrecks. I was seated next to the driver, then the loud bang crushed. My unborn baby (eight months) started kicking with feet and fists. He fought hard. I was busy protecting him, the best way I could. Then he could not fight any more. My belly went quiet, then I breathed his life out of my nose. I knew I had lost him. That made me very angry at God. I asked Him where was His mercy that people talk about. Why punish such a small baby? How come He could not protect Him. What sin had he done in my stomach? Good Samaritans came and separated the two crushed cars and took us to Nairobi Hospital. That is where I got to know that my heart had a major injury and was pouring my blood through every outlet except my ears. My veins had collapsed, so I could not receive any blood. My uterus was so swollen with my dead baby. It was like a mountain. My chest had a major injury. My spine was in pieces, the stomach organs were badly damaged. I Was still fighting with God about my baby.

So lying in the ICU at the Nairobi Hospital, the doctors did not know what to do. They told the gynecologist to remove the baby through operation. He said I could not survive the operation. The baby could not push his way out. I could not push him out either. It was a hopeless case. But I did not die. They made me teaching apparatus in the ICU. After students studied the heart, or other organs they came for their practical lesson on me. I was so angry. I asked God why He has no mercy enough to kill me. I said terrible things, reserving nothing. That is where Jesus came for me, in that hopelessness. His love for me is so graceful so healing and so saving. After this encounter with Jesus, I received strength to push out my dead baby. My gynecologist said the baby had a very bad head injury. So he opened my uterus to patch it because it was badly torn. He also said it can never carry a baby to maturity. Therefore we should not get any other children thereafter. We should be satisfied with our first born son (the dead one was the second born).

That was 1975, I took a break for the whole of 1976. In 1977, I got a second son. In 1980, I got a daughter and in 1983, I got a third son. They are all grown ups with their families. Besides, I am a healthy woman of 72 years. It is not boasting. It is glorifying God for His mercy, goodness, love, grace, faithfulness and the list is endless. It is knowing God as He is , and also realizing what I am without God. God healed me so miraculously, the doctors were shocked. I am overwhelmed by what God did for me. I was so far from the kingdom of God. In His mercy, He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me is Love. I want the world to know that Jesus will get you wherever you may be. That is the book I planned to write. But Jesus had a better idea. That I write a book with Him as the Main Character, the Center, the theme.

I am overwhelmed by how God got took full control over me and made my book gospel centered instead of accident centered. Sometimes in 2018, I visited my sister Freda in Westlands. She took me to her Church – Parklands Baptist. On the Church Bulletin was a book launching of “Dare Be You,” by Winnie Tanui. I attended even though I did not know her. One of the speakers was her mentor, James Karundu. He became my mentor and I joined his “Aspiring Authors Class.” It was a tough journey. I told Him that I want to write about the love and goodness of God. He told me to write a roadmap. I tried and tried and tried to write that outline. I could not. He told me to just write what is in my heart. I felt so good when I got permission to just write. It just happened. At night when in deep sleep, the Holy Spirit would take me to a scene in the Bible. Like in the temple when Mary Magdalene was caught in adultery. I see Jesus teaching in the temple, then Mary is dragged there, half naked. Her partner is free. The Pharisees and the Scribes are accusing her to Jesus “Moses said we stone such to death. What do you say?”

My full attention is drawn to Jesus, Who stops preaching. He stoops down to write on the dusty floor. What He writes, I give myself permission to read. The Pharisees also read and one by one, they take off. Because of the words of Jesus, “He who is without sin, let him throw a stone at her first.” And who is without sin? I too drop my stone, because prostitution is according to me, robbery without violence. But I don’t want to leave like the Pharisees. I want to hear the Saviour say, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more. Right there I get to learn, that He came to save, not to condemn. He came to love not to judge. Capturing that gentleness of Jesus, the forgiving love, His graceful attitude, the power He has of setting the captive (me) free! That is what I write, when I get up in the morning! So in the morning, I searched the scriptures. One scripture led me to another. It was so easy, so enjoyable, even my grandmother’s prayers, hymns and sermons crept in. At times, I would stop writing and worship God in song, spirit, dance and even silence in amazement of this Love that came down in the Person of Jesus.

Then I would stop worshipping and continue writing. Clearly, God is at work in my heart in this book. If it was written by someone else, I would buy it and read it severally, faithfully and diligently. It is very heart warming to read about the Love of God in Christ Jesus and it is liberating! Sometimes, I did not get the material to work on in the night. So I would use my creativity to continue writing because Mr Karundu would demand the work for that week. Later I would realize that my creativity is so foreign. It does not belong there. So I would delete it. By the end of 2019, Mr Karundu handed me over to Mercy Muthoni Omukhango and her team for publishing. She told me that the book has no conclusion. And I thought, “Must every book have a conclusion? Why? I remembered that I am not the publisher. So I set out to write the conclusion. It became a new chapter. I started again, it became another chapter. I wrote 4 new chapters in the place of conclusion. I told my friend what is happening to my book. She told me that it was not ready for the publisher. She annoyed me and I did not talk to her anymore. Long story short, I wrote the conclusion and quickly wrote “the end” thereafter.

Then Mercy told me to reorganize the book into 4 or 5 sections; because it was all mixed up and very difficult to read. It was like writing the book all over again. I didn’t have the energy. I took a month’s break. I realized that Mercy is right. So I went back to the scriptures to see how they relate to one another in the Bible. Also which event happened before the other. So I put the healing events together, salvation, restoration and redemption. I felt very good, because there was order in my book. When I posted it to Mercy, she replied, “Very good” Later I received comments from the editor. It was so good. She made me understand myself better. She understood my message more than i did, quite overwhelming. From her I learnt that the message from my heart is clearly communicated to the reader. She even changed the title of the book from “Jesus the Good Shepherd “ to “The Grand Love Story Of All Time.” She even called it a Work of Love. For all this I am deeply grateful.

I realized that I am poor in design. So we wasted a lot of time. Finally I gave up and allowed the designer to exploit his potential on the cover page and designing the book. I am very happy with what I got. Long live CLC. God bless you indeed.

I am privileged and honored to be part of this amazing authorship group. My name is Humphrey M. Kanga, I am married to Helen and we are blessed with two grown up children, Alex and Abigail. Alex and his wife Mercy have made me a grandpa of two beautiful grand daughters, Teagan and Meghan.

I am the founder and CEO of Kenya Connection Ministries International headquartered in Chuka Kenya. I left my family for five years to attend Erskine Theological Seminary in South Carolina USA and attained a Master of Divinity degree in 2006. I am passionate in my call in ministering and empowering the poor and destitute in society. I started and lead a multimillion social enterprise that provides support to the poor, the sick and abused in society. The parachurch organization has built a campus that houses the four children’s homes, the technical institute and administrative offices. I am a preacher of the gospel and serve the community in many ways including mentorship to the youth, leading a book reading club and being a board of member of a few public institutions.

I grew up in bigamous family comprising of fifteen children, (brothers and sister), two mothers and a father. In such a large home the resources were meager especially the basic needs of life. The lack of these basic needs weighed very heavily in my heart. At times I felt stressed and discouraged. I had many questions in my heart. Why others have plenty and others very little resources. In 1976 when I was in class 6, I committed my life to Christ as my personal savior. The Christian Union Teenage boys from Ikuu Boys High School visited our church one afternoon and our Sunday school teachers invited us for an afternoon fellowship. In that team was my brother, Benjamin who had joined Ikuu High School. When Benjamin joined form 1, I noticed a great change in his life. He came home during school break (holiday) very different. He told me that he had an encounter with Jesus Christ. It made him then realize that he was a sinner and that Christ died for him. He then became saved and made a commitment to Christ as his Lord.

Benjamin is the one who had brought the teenage Christian boys to church that afternoon. We had had an afternoon service in church where they conducted and preached in the afternoon worship service. The boys shared with us how they were born again and the experience and joy that had come into their lives. As we worshipped they were so fervent and enthusiastic. They talked with joy and were full of life. You could tell from their passion, excitement and confidence as they shared their testimonies that truly Jesus had touched the core of their lives. One of the boys called Daniel who I later understood was the leader of the group preached the sermon that afternoon. He made an altar call for those who wanted to accept Jesus as Lord and savior. I stepped forward to the altar for prayer. As the appeal for commitment to Christ was going on, the congregation of teenage boys and girls in the church sang, “I have decided to follow Jesus and no turning back”. I thank God that that song is still very live in my heart to date.

I became very aggressive in knowing Christ whereby I bought a New Testament bible at six Kenya shillings; from the money I raised by working in the coffee garden. The small pocket bible became my companion. In two years, the small bible became red, brown and tattered. It had become my companion in class, in the garden, in the field as I looked after goats and cows and in church. It got torn and some pages were falling apart but my soul, spirit and body were not. In 1979 I joined Ikuu Boys High School and the band of boys welcomed me to the Christian union for they had known me earlier. They acted as my mentors and role models. They taught me how to pray and fast, how to preach and also gave me the opportunity to be a leader in the Christian Union. I became a C.U treasurer in form one, a position I held for six years. In class six it is where the seeds of writing were sowed by my English teacher Mr. Frank Murithi.

Before Mr. Frank took over class six, I was very poor in English. I used to score three out of twenty in my composition. When Mr. Frank took over English class in class six, he motivated and encouraged me showing me that nobody should fail in English. He introduced the class to the habits of reading story books in order to have a good foundation for English language. I heeded to the advice and devoured storybooks. In second term, my English language both spoken and written had greatly improved. In class seven, I wrote a composition and scored thirty nine out of forty (39/40). It was the talk of the school. It was read to the class and I was made a point of reference for good composition writing. It was then a seed was planted in my subconscious that I can write. In high school, I almost lost my grasp of the English language. It was like it had all gone back to England. For your information, I did not do English Literature in secondary school, I got demoralized.

I have realized that you do not have to be an English major to write a book. Writing takes a resolve that once I start, I will finish. The most important thing is jotting down your ideas. With the help of English major teachers and editors they can help you fix the grammar. The truth is, the ideas you have nobody else has and that what a story is. I can say without blinking that everybody has a story to tell. The fire of writing was ignited again when I joined college and theological seminary. I was exposed to a lot of writing, reading and research. Since 2006, very close friends in America and in Kenya kept on pushing me to write a book. They impressed in me that I had a story to tell the world. This was after founding the Kenya Connection Ministry which has rescued and given hope to very many orphaned and destitute children and the disfranchised in the society.

These friends impressed on me to write that story for posterity. I slept over the idea for some years and finally I had to break the mold and start the writing journey. The book Rebranding to Win is a collection of my experiences, thoughts and ideas that I have come across through my personal and corporate leadership. It is so amazing that when you hold a pen and focus on writing, once you scribble the first sentence, the second sentence comes, the third, then a paragraph, a page and on and on. Rebranding to Win- is my second book. It’s a personal empowerment and leadership tool. Its intent is to light a fire that has been waiting for a trigger to action. Rebranding to win is about rediscovering the great potential in each one of us and hence reshaping destiny by means of personal empowerment. I look at this book as a toolkit for our individual and corporate transformation. This book calls the readers to be driven by values, habits and principles that are carefully thought, selected and internalized. The book equips the reader and gives guts to face challenges and road blocks. It encourages individuals to be trailblazers and hence be willing to travel on the road less travelled. This book brings to your attention the attitudes, mindsets, principles of champions.

It is a book suitable for students, corporate CEOs, pastors, church leaders and servants, self-employed individuals, politicians, intellectuals and all who want to win in this life. It took me five years to write and publish my first book titled The Journey Against All Odds. This is a true story that shows you can have a dream and with God’s help actualize the dream into reality. What provoked me to write this book was my absence from family for five years. The book covers my experiences in the United States. I left the country by faith in pursuit of education and empowerment for ministry. I had a visa that would not allow me to come back incase I left the States. That is why I ended up staying there so that I could finish my mission. By God’s divine intervention, I realized the purpose that had led me to the States. While I was there, I felt a call to do ministry among the destitute and orphaned children, the sick and the lowly in society.

I returned in 2006 and close to fifteen years that is what I have been doing with my life. We have established four children’s homes, touched lives of thousands of children, and we have sponsored over 250 children and youth in primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities in Kenya producing teachers, engineers, Christian gospel singers, technicians, doctors and brothers and sisters in Christ who are now living as comfortably as other normal Kenyans. All these were from a pack of kids who were either orphaned or destitute. The book is about walking the journey in life with hopeless, down trodden, orphaned and destitute children. The story is about empowering these children, mentoring them and guiding them through life and many of them excelling in academics and hence in joining universities, colleges and technical institute.

It’s also about how God lined up people to that cause in Kenya, America, Britain and Australia.

‘Do it even when afraid’ is a common phrase that is told to many and which I learned to embrace over time. I had no plans of publishing a book but lo and behold… here we are. Imposter syndrome checked in when I started toying with the idea of writing, questioning whether I could actually write or was I deluding myself; glad I wrote even when I was uncertain of the why.

My name is Lillian Bosibori Bogonko, but my author brand is Bosibori Bogonko. In case you are wondering why, I thought its time I owned my African name. I recall my mother mentioning (in my teenage years) that I would one day value the African name more; I never believed her. This had seemed far from my reality, so I gently responded, hell to the no! But guess who was right? I digress. I was born in Kisii, but grew up in Kibra mostly, a place that shaped a lot of how I view the world today. The long road from the stage where we alighted, made the journey home an opportunity to dream of a world beyond. Still, it’s on those streets that we were sharpened, and with a father like mine, did not matter we were six, we all aligned to his vision. My book Heart of Surrender resulted from a journey of rediscovering God. Writing had always been a hobby for me having started with poetry in class six which I carried through into high school. I was the girl that would help the ladies tell their tales to the boys they admired from other high schools.

Those were fun times, traumatizing too, but we made it and that`s what counts. Growing up, I battled a lot and the environment I grew up in did not allow me to deal with the issues as a teenager. I had experienced a lot and always ran to God but he never seemed reachable. He remained in the text and never someone I could experience. Going abroad allowed me through varied experiences to encounter a God that became my anchor and surprise surprise through pure bible conversations I met a God no one had ever told me about. I remember the day I met the group that was to open me up to this chapter. I was at the mailbox with my then eight months old and I remember telling God, my candle was fading and I was watching myself die and if he did not rescue me, I was done. As I walked to my condo, I met a couple of people carrying chairs to the clubhouse and upon inquiry, I learned it was a home church, and this group of friends fellowshipped together weekly. I asked if I could attend the following Sunday to seat and watch…………. I attended and never looked back.

First forward coming back into the country having to start from scratch, there were many tough days and dark nights. I had a lot of questions for God because I knew the potential I had but I struggled to go past a certain ceiling at the time. I tried looking for God in our churches but nothing worked. Nothing until I met my Leo (*you need to read the book to understand*) whose wisdom helped me navigate some of the most trying times in my life. But it`s the God I met in this season that I finally understood what the experience and encounter abroad had done for me. God was always in a neat box full of regulations and it was hard to reach him. But finally, I did, finally, I found liberty in God and that allowed me to rise above a lot of what had shackled me. In the same season, I met women whose stories would bring many to tears. Women endure a lot. I watched as my agemates and seniors struggled to navigate the many roles they carry. Some losing themselves trying to live a life they could not sustain, others clinging to relationships that were drowning them faster than quicksand, whereas others, family dynamics, and career aspirations made for the unseen enemy of pain. A mixed bag you might say…..

Heart of Surrender came from me asking God questions and reflecting on how he took me through the journey of centering me. It`s hard to explain except one walks the journey of allowing God to lead even when it’s hard and ridiculous and painful and even shameful. We all go through journeys, the difference is I intentionally allowed God to take me through the miry clay. Through that and finally understanding that everything we pursue is all about finding our authentic self (as God intended us to be) in God to achieve our highest potential while expressing him, – what the heart wants became the title. However, once I finished writing that, it felt more like the sequel than the first book, thus Heart of Surrender title was born. The desire is to tell every woman`s story through the women in the book. It`s simply written but I would buy it, that’s how much confidence I have in the story, given I’m more of a personal development books person. The publishing journey was not without challenges, but it`s how we learn. My prayer is that anyone who picks the book meets a side of God they have not known and it causes them to reflect.

Challenges – penetrating the local bookstores and International online market.
Big Dream- to turn the book into a movie next year.

Social media handles:
Twitter @lilbogonko.
Facebook and LinkedIn: Lillian Bogonko
Instagram: Bosiboribogonko

Where to find the book:
Writers guild bookshop
Amazon Heart of Surrender.

I can also have the book delivered to you. .

My name is Noreen Asekenye from Uganda. I am a children’s writer and the founder of Tell a Story Foundation, a non profit organization using stories to influence change in communities.

My writing journey began as early as primary two. I remember always writing short sentences of how my day went. In my primary Six at Kitante Primary School, with encouragement from my English teacher, I joined the writer’s club. At that time we were preparing for the Queen of England’s visit to my school in 2007. The first essay I wrote was Funeral Rites in my Culture which was pinned together in an art room that the Queen visited. It was so beautiful having the Queen glance at the stories that were written by young children. My passion for writing made me study Literature for all my six years in secondary school. I also created a writers Club in my Senior 5 where I served as president . Writing was so easy for me. I topped my English composition exams and wrote for my class mates too. I wrote simple poetry and plays that were acted during church competitions.

I first wrote Mother my Hero in 2017. By then I was still a student of Makerere University doing internship at Visit Uganda Tours and Travel. I was also a volunteer teaching children how to read and write. Writing mother my Hero was greatly influenced by my mother, love for children and the community I come from, a very rural yet traditional community called Kiwanga in Namanve that greatly respects the virtue of greeting others. It is just so hard to pass by anyone without a hello. My mother raised the bar so high for us as her Children, she is a Musawo also known as Doctor. My community knows her as a very social Person and together with my siblings we had to follow her foot steps. With this inspiration. I wrote Mother my Hero to encourage children to always greet others. It really costs nothing to say hey to someone. Such acts make us more humane. I did not find hard time writing Mother my Hero. It is my story, I only wrote what my brothers and I did when we were young, waking up, praying, brushing our teeth, walking to school, seeing our mother stop to only greet others and observing the reactions she received after doing so.

I wrote about twenty long sentences. Lucky enough I had researched about a children’s publishing company called Uganda Children’s Writers and Illustrators Association that was not so far away from my internship place. That evening, I asked my Supervisor to allow me step out, I went to the office, introduced myself, I had to pay membership fee to be apart of them. By then, I didn’t have the money so I left and came back with it days later. I presented them my story which was filed, I had to commit time to edit with them. The process did not take long. We edited it in just days, after which i was introduced to an Illustrator who was a member of the organization too. We discussed the terms of payment, being a member too, I could not pay the same price as the others who were not. Within a few months, the book was beautifully illustrated and we had to go to the final stage of putting everything together.

Financing the book was so hard for me at the time. I was a student who was entirely dependent on her parents for survival. Asking for support would be hard because I had little ones who needed more help. I only had to be considerate and sacrificial . Years passed by and Mother my Hero was never read . It would hurt every single day knowing that there is such rich content that has not been read by anyone. My energy levels were running low but I kept the faith that at the perfect time all will fall in place and Mother my Hero would bloom. At this time I had began a non profit organization too by faith without any money, I wanted stories to be celebrated as a tool for social change in communities. The needs were just so big.

I am now debt free fully paid the Illustrator and the lady who put the pages together. And now we are here. All thanks to Angela Nsimbi for sharing with me the call for submissions. Just to let you all know. I have never met her physically. We only e- met a few weeks ago on a zoom Girls for Girls session through a chat. Thank you Angela

Much as the book is not yet in any bookshop or online store. I am glad that it is here. I am looking forward to seeing it grow and inspiring the young generation.

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