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From Kibra to the World
My name is Lillian Bosibori Bogonko but my author brand is Bosibori Bogonko, I use the name because I thought its time I own my African name. I recall my mother mentioning in my teenage years that I would one day value the African name more; I never believed her. This had seemed far from my reality, so I gently responded, hell to the no! But guess who was right? I digress.

I was born in Kisii, but grew up in Kibra mostly, a place that shaped a lot of how I view the world today. The long road from the stage where we alighted, made the journey home an opportunity to dream of a world beyond. Still, it’s on those streets that we were sharpened, and with a father like mine, it did not matter we were six, we all aligned to his vision.

Journey of rediscovering God
My book “Heart of Surrender” resulted from a journey of rediscovering God. Writing had always been a hobby for me having started with poetry in class six which I carried through to high school. I was the girl that would help the ladies tell their tales to the boys they admired from other schools. Those were fun times, traumatizing too, but we made it and that’s what counts.

Growing up I battled a lot and the environment I grew up in did not allow me to deal with the issues as a teenager. I had encountered a lot and always ran to God but he never seemed reachable. He remained in the text and never someone I could encounter. Going abroad allowed me through varied experiences to encounter a God that became my anchor and surprise, through pure bible conversations I met a God no one had ever shown me about. I remember the day I met the group that was to open me up to this chapter. I was at the mailbox and I remember telling God, my candle was fading and I was watching myself die and if he did not rescue me, I was done. As I walked to my condo, I met a couple of people carrying chairs to the clubhouse and upon inquiry, I learned it was a home church, and this group of friends fellowshipped together weekly. I asked if I could attend the following Sunday to seat and watch … I attended and never looked back.

First forward coming back into the country having to start from scratch, there were many tough days and nights. I had a lot of questions for God because I knew the potential I had but I struggled to go past a certain ceiling at the time. I tried looking for God in our churches but nothing worked. Nothing until I met my Leo (you need to read the book to understand) whose wisdom helped me navigate some of the most trying times in my life. But it’s the God I met in this season that I finally understood what the experience and encounter abroad had done for me. God was always in a neat box full of regulations and it was hard to reach him. But finally, I did, finally, I found liberty in God and that allowed me to rise above a lot of what had shackled me.

In the same season, I met women whose stories would bring many to tears. Women endure a lot. I watched as my agemates and seniors struggled to navigate the many roles they carry. Some losing themselves trying to live a life they could not sustain, others clinging to relationships that were drowning them faster than quicksand, whereas others, family dynamics, and career aspirations made for the unseen enemy of pain. A mixed bag you may call.

What about ‘Heart of Surrender’?
The title came from me asking God questions and reflecting on how he took me through the journey of centering me. It’s hard to explain except for one to walk the journey of allowing God to lead even when it’s hard and ridiculous and painful and even shameful. We all go through journeys the difference is I intentionally allowed God to take me through the miry clay. Through that and finally understanding that everything we pursue is all about finding our authentic self (as God intended us to be) in God to achieve our highest potential while expressing him, – what the heart wants became the title. However, once I finished writing that felt more like the sequel than the first book, thus Heart of Surrender title was born. The desire is to tell every woman`s story through the women in the book.

It’s simply written but I would buy it, that’s how much confidence I have in the story, given I’m more of a personal development book’s person. The publishing journey was not without challenges, but it`s how we learn. My prayer is that anyone who picks the book meets a side of God they have not known and it causes them to reflect.

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Where to find the book: I can deliver or you can approach and writers guild bookshop. You can get the e-version on Amazon Heart of Surrender

Supremacy of my mom words
My publishing journey is a story of transformation from what I learnt growing up, back to how God made and gifted each one of us. I thank God for my late mom for standing tall for our education. She frequently reminded us that knowledge is a far greater inheritance than material wealth. I discovered in grade 4 that I was a good writer because the teachers would give my composition books to grade 6-8 to revise with them in the public school I was enrolled in.

That didn’t last long when I moved to a private primary school with higher standards. My English teacher was adamant my sentences were too long, I had bad handwriting because of the way I hold a pen, and being a rational child I couldn’t get poetry or music and we agreed with my teachers that both poetry and music were things I couldn’t do best and due to bad handwriting, my marks will always be less.

It took someone from another continent to inspire my writing
Well, here we are in the computer world. In addition to that, last year 2020 poetry started flowing and I have about 15 unpublished poems plus a song in waiting. In addition to the negative feedback received as a child, I grew up in a setting whereby natural talent and creativity were amusing, discouraged and perceived as an unworthy pursuit. Therefore those of us who felt and saw things differently learnt not to verbalize it at all. We toed the line of the then education system.

Things changed while at the University, a creative lawyer friend who was writing a romance novel approached me to co-author it. Out of the blues he said from my speech, he believe I can also write. I agreed, wrote my part, submitted it to him and that was the end.

I forgot about that writing experience until when I was hired as a Marketing manager somewhere. After a few days of interacting with my managing director, he gave me a job to compile an entrepreneurship magazine that he had always wanted to write. Instead of marketing, I found myself reading and writing volumes. I later changed jobs and forgot about writing. After a while, I was back at it again and designed my marketing magazine but when I learned it might not go well with others back at home, I discarded it together with other creative offers that came constantly from people who could identify the skill.

In growing up my focus was on pursuing medicine, so I missed out on these, constant reminders to make use of teaching and writing skills. Not any longer salvation came knocking 5 years into a successful furniture business I had started. The book of life (bible) gripped me with its candid truth and openness. I would study it for hours while writing notes, poems, songs, etc. It overtook my furniture business, I avoided appointments, forgot to send quotations. I was at peace doing something I love, broke but peaceful. 

I was afraid to publish any/all of my creative works and disagreed with myself. Doubts and questions until I stumbled upon a sermon by TD JAKES- called the core of transformation- your wealth is stored up at your core!  Needless to say, I wrote and released my first book “ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR” in 9months. It took someone (Jakes) from another continent to inspire me and in return, I now inspire others through my book. 

Negativity on talent may carry great inventions to grave
Before and after publishing I have met many people who desire to do great things but are living scared because of our negativity towards creativity. Though they agree with God’s word, great plans and promises about themselves, they completely disagree with themselves and disagree with the work or calling too. This causes friction and resistance and many might carry the good inventions to the grave. However, when you agree, approve, say yes then there’s momentum. When did others write 16 books? Usually, the no’s are so many more than the yes! When you have made peace, that’s the time you discover you are a masterpiece. 

Philippians 4:6 is the rock solid foundation upon which this book was authored. That and so much more is what my book is all about, empowering you to explore, to serve humanity, systematically.
After interacting with my book ‘another fabulous year’, you will have a lot of your questions answered and also find a step-by-step guideline that you can adopt for your life’s work.

In Online I came across a book publisher whose owner is an author of 4 beautifully designed fiction books. I gave him the business, he loved my book, printed the first stock but completely refuses to hand over the final copy of the book since September 2019. That too is a kind of inhibition from doing more, however, that too we shall overcome.

In conclusion, my joy is seeing people achieve mental stability: a sense of control over their lives through the right decision-making and settling doubts to enjoy peace with who they are. Challenges will always be there but so are victories.

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My passion for mentorship and mental health advocacy
My name is Leonard Ondigo. I am the author of the book “Just Scream”. Professionally, I am trained in Biomedical Engineering. I have been a lecturer at Kabete Polytechnic for around two years and this year, I am planning to chart a different direction with my career. Besides, I have a passion for writing and mentorship. I love talking with and mentoring young people especially those in high school and college so that they live meaningful lives and find their purpose. I have also developed an interest in mental health advocacy which is the springboard for my writing the book. I love the Lord, He has done great things to me.

The concise book is a conversation with young people, imploring them to speak out “just scream”, whenever they are going through different moments in life. It emphasizes the power of prayer because even the Israelites cried to the Lord for help when they were overwhelmed. So, even to us, we can reach a point where we are overwhelmed with the perturbations and unforgiving challenges of life, we should learn to reach out to God. Speak to friends, family members, counsellors, pastors, teachers, so that they can get to know about your problem. After all, no one can tell how badly we are hurting unless we “scream”

It began from encouraging posts into a book
While I was in campus, there were numerous stories of young people committing suicide. Most of these cases were a result of not speaking to someone or not asking for emotional help. So my book is a small, unscientific guide to dealing with our fears, and mental health issues, and above all, it implores the reader to look up to God as the source of our strength, asylum and assurance during the stormy weather.

My journey into serious writing began as a trivial thing. Back in campus, I used to write short pieces of encouraging posts and share them on Facebook and WhatsApp. I called them nuggets of inspiration and my mentor also doubled up as my pastor loved them and asked me to consider publishing a book. I took his advice and after one year I had my manuscript ready for publishing.

I sought to ask the publishers to publish the manuscript traditionally but my work was rejected. I was discouraged but a friend informed me about self-publishing, and that you could publish your book without going through the hassles of traditional publishing. That’s is how I got published in 2017 when I was in my final year on campus.
The book was not well-edited and designed so I had to do some little improvements to it and have it republished in 2020.

My book is available on Amazon

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A mission that began on fear
My name is Dr.Pamela Muriungi. I am a lecturer at Machakos University, an author, a Sunday school teacher for many years, and a preacher of the word of the Gospel. I always had this desire to write books but feared the publishing process. I remember sometimes back in 2009 while teaching in a teachers training college I tried writing a coursebook and when the publisher turned it down I got discouraged and forgot about writing. I concluded this was not meant for me and went my way to do other things, it was easier to do research and write a thesis than publish.

The author who influenced my authorship
One time I had a chance to preach in a church where I worshipped in Chuka and all along felt in my spirit that I could translate that sermon into a book. I started writing but then stopped along the way. It was until 2019 when I met Julius Mwebia in a Sunday service at Embakasi deliverance church. I was excited to meet him after almost ten years and as we talked he asked me if I had read his book. I was surprised because I had no information that he had published a book. He was so candid with me and I remember the question he asked me, ‘honestly Pamela between me and you who should be writing books?’ That question plays in my mind up to date.

After the service, I went back to the house, revived my old manuscript and continued writing. Suddenly came the Covid 19 lockdown in March 2020 and while at home I noticed how people were struggling to stay home. I apprehended that people were not comfortable at all being on their own. I was reading the book of 1st kings by then and I saw a longing in Elijah to be alone with God in chapter 19:4. Here was a big contrast, a man of God longing to have time alone and the majority of us ignoring the call to stay home and be with ourselves.

I started reading about the domain of solitude and that is how I did my first book “The power of solitude – a silver lining in a pandemic”. At CLC Kenya, I met a very friendly team. Best regards to Muthoni Mercy and the entire team at CLC, Kenya.

You can get a copy of my book at CLC, Kenya bookshop, and Wapendwa bookshop in Meru Town.



My passion for parenting
My name is Philbert Julai Mdindi. I am a Kenyan by birth and upbringing. I am born again and a disciple of Jesus Christ. I have one wife Christabel and three boys 13, 8, and 4.5 years old respectively and God willing I will be having my fourth born in less than two months. I am very passionate about parenting and my mission is to be a facilitator of transformational conversations among parents, church, social circles to create positive change for everyday living through modeling and teaching Christ-centered principles.

My writing inspired by a friend
I grew up in the village and I got to interact with one of my friends in secondary school who spurred me into writing. I became interested because he told me that it is always good to document my journey. So immediately I was in secondary school I commenced writing about my journey, I had written about the experiences I’ve gone through as a child, I think they are unique to me, one of them being that I had accidentally swallowed a key when I was young and I documented the experience. I continued with authorship while in campus, and by the time I was in my third year, unfortunately, I lost my manuscript drafted on a foolscap, and for many years I would look for it because I had given it my all. I felt like I had lost a part of myself even though I haven’t found it yet to date; however, I’d said at some point I’ll pick it up.

Of course, life would have it that I got distracted along the way, and I stood writing besides picking notes here and there i.e. when the sermons are happening except whenever a topic was more interesting to me, I would take extra time to do more research and do a bit more of writing. At some point, I would do it consistently and lose track along the way, that has been it but ultimately, I decided that it is time for me to put these ideas on paper so that I can be able to leave them out and even my children can read them, that is where the motivation of writing came from and God would put people along the way to help you in the journey.

Currently, I wouldn’t say that my book is available in the stores, if you desire my book, you can inbox me, I will arrange for the book to be delivered anywhere you are, my book costs Kshs 1,000 exclusive of the courier costs to your location. However, if it is close to Westlands Nairobi, I can always organize to deliver it for free.
The challenge for me would be how to reach these bookstores to have the bookselling there, getting the right designer for your cover, or the layout of the book. Even so, I would say this became easy for me because of the guidance I had working with Dr. Geneva, who was our mentor. I did not grapple to have this sorted out because there were contacts available, also contacts of a printer who did my printing work. It has been quite the journey also of understanding the dynamics of publishing a book.

Establishing the Most excellent means to market the book
Regarding marketing the book, I have hired someone to help me with the marketing of the book. I am a marketer, but I am very busy in my place of work and so I chose to work with someone who would help me put a marketing / PR plan together, and I would say that has worked because it has enabled me to have a speaking opportunity interview at KTN for instance. This nomination has come through as a result of that, I have also gotten an opportunity to present my book to several bookstores for stocking, which is an ongoing process.

I am reaching out to the big bookstores like the Text Book center etc., and because of my busy schedule, my PR consultant is assisting me to ensure that we have the proper paperwork so that we can engage with these bookstores to make the book available to many other readers. The other thing that I am also finalizing is preparation for the book to go on Amazon. I have had a hick-up here as it is something that should have happened soon as we published it last year 2020, but it has lingered. It is a domain I am keen to close quite quickly so that the book can be available online, the are many people reaching out to me; friends I have abroad and they want to purchase on Amazon, so this is something I am looking to finish soon.

I am looking forward to interacting with many of the Africana authors, I believe my story resonates with some of them.

Here is where you can find more details about how to get the book.

Grab your copy today., To order,… – Moulding a Disciple | Facebook

My career path
My name is Dr. Jebet Naomy Kemboi Olero a mother blessed with four boys, wife, manager, worshipper, songwriter and lover of God. I hold a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies with a specialty in Environmental Health from the University of Eldoret. I have been working at Water Resources Authority for over 20 years and as an Assistant Technical Coordination Manager for over 12 years. I am currently the Deputy Team Leader in the Project Implementation Unit for a project called Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilience Project supported by World Bank in Nairobi.

Lord’s wake up call that Inspired my song writing
I am the firstborn in a family of seven children. My mum loved singing, every evening after supper we could sit by the fireplace to sing our favourite songs from the Kalenjin Hymnbook- “Tenwogikab Kalosunet”. Each one of us would get any available local instrument to make a sweet melody to God.

In 1989 January the Lord awakened me with a song saying ‘wake up, wake up wake up, the Lord is calling you what have you done for Me’… I did not understand then what God wanted me to do. In April 2014 the Lord spoke over and gave me instructions to write quality songs that can last for a century. I commenced believing God for an intense understanding of how God’s songs would be written. Since then the Lord has empowered me to write over 150 songs 56 of these are completed and are compiled in the 21st Century Hymns. It’s categorized into hymns, Hymn for children, Israel, and prophetic songs to the Nation of Kenya and Africa. I have done six audio albums, one official video and a few lyrical videos.

Here are the 6 CDs, be free to share the lyrical videos and have Skiza tunes.
Volume 1: A Million Thanks
Volume 2: Pray for Kenya
Volume 3: A Jealous God
Volume 4: God Thunders
Volume 5: Maranatha
Volume 6: Children of God- hymns for children

You can get the songs from the website


Can get more on my YouTube Dr. Jebet Olero.

Here are the official videos for the children and a lyrical video on pray for Kenya.
Pray for Kenya By Dr. Jebet Olero (Ph.D.); 21st Century Hymns-Kingdom Intimate Worship – YouTube

Jesus Christ is Born-Dr. Jebet Olero (PhD) & KIW Kids (Official Video) – YouTube

Overview of the Project
The scope of this work is so immense and its project is in phases, after writing, the songs are edited by a team consisting of pastors and university lecturers, followed by a recording of both audio and video and then finally publishing of the hymnal. Writing solfa notations is the next phase of this process
It’s also a very costly venture, so far I have spent over 1.5 M – yet to get returns. It is a calling that I must walk at the center of God’s will and believe Him for His provision.

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My profession and passion
I am a registered Professional Engineer practicing my trade in Kampala, Uganda. I have trained extensively in the field of engineering materials for road construction as well as the management of infrastructure projects. I am formally the Materials Specialist at the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) and was the Head of the Quality Control Department during my tenure in the organization. My career spans over 13 years in various capacities in the engineering industry. I am passionate about mentoring young men to achieve their potential and offer counseling to those called to the marriage institution in conjunction with my dear wife. I am currently the Team Lead at Praus Group which offers solutions to engineering problems in the construction sector in Uganda. I worship at Watoto Church and live in Kira – Wakiso district with my wife Grace and our three beautiful girls.

My early life and the beginning of afflictions
I was always a special child, full of life and dreams and intelligent as well. But I was also stubborn and chaotic, always fighting furthermore coming up with excuses to evade punishment from the elders in my life. When I gave my life to Christ in 1995, there was a remarkable change in my life. I became more composed and even aced all my classes. I attribute every success to my new life of salvation. I excelled beyond many students even to feats of topping the country at ‘O’ level. Life was good, but all this began to disintegrate when strife and poverty hit the family I grew up in.

I started noticing variations in my moods and temperament at A’ level and this led to a loss of grip on my academics, something I had established my entire persona on. Notwithstanding, I didn’t forget the Lord as this was the real first time that I depended on Him for support and anchoring. I got the government scholarship to pursue Civil Engineering but I was very distressed having not aced the exams the way I had done at O’ level. Due to a combination of stressful circumstances and events, I found myself drifting into a depression and failing to keep up with school. I lost touch with reality and my health deteriorated sharply. At this point, I had to seek medical attention.

The doctor called it a bipolar disorder. Having seen a few of my family members battling with the same condition, I knew deep down that my fate was sealed. This is because all these relatives had lived precarious lives, way less than their intended potential in life. With all these, there was a ray of hope deep inside my heart, a hope that since I was the Lord’s and had given my life to Him, maybe then I would have a chance at normalcy in life and I decided to tap into that power. The power of the cross.

The journey has been tough but it has been bearable because I didn’t walk it alone. From a dead year at campus, multiple retakes, attempted suicide, to police cells, to loitering the streets of Lugazi town, to Butabika Hospital, to broken relationships, to doubts and massive insecurity, to weight gain challenges, to tears and lonely nights, to drowsiness and lethargy, to sleeping in work toilets, to ridicule and backbiting, fear and confusion, the list is endless. In all this, the Lord has been with me all the way.

In a reference, that is not what the Lord gives to those who stay steadfast in Him. He has re-written my story and I have scaled the heights as well during this period. I have restored my broken relationships, my marriage is stable and fulfilling, I am a leader at church, I am a respected Engineer in the workspace, having risen to the helm of the Quality Control Department at the Uganda National Roads Authority and become one of the most sought after Materials Specialists in the country, I have just completed my third master’s degree alongside over 20 additional courses and diplomas from world-renown universities such as Wharton, Maryland and Virginia as well as respected training divisions of FIDIC and Controls Group among others. I have traveled extensively to almost all continents of the inhabited earth and have a budding business empire of five engineering companies. I will add this as well, my net worth is quite impressive!

What! How could a man so broken and afflicted by mental illness achieve such in so short a time? I have no other way to explain this but Jesus! He is no respecter of persons. He is good and because He loves you so much, He has the authority to beat whatever mental illness or disorder that the enemy throws at you.

My call to author a book
Writing this book was the most painful and emotionally draining experience of my life so far. In a way, it was therapeutic but I can tell that I must have put away the manuscript a dozen times before picking it up over and over because I just could not take it reliving my past. Every time I picked up the computer to type, tears would start rolling as I remembered various aspects of my journey struggling with Bipolar. I would cry in pain and also cry in amazement of the goodness of the Lord to this far. Nonetheless, I persisted and reported to the writing-table every other day until the book took shape. So as you read the, please know that it is borne out of love for you. It has the potential to give you hope and encouragement in your life journey.

You see, I had settled into a comfortable life over the years. It had been more than 12 years since my previous breakdown. Everything was normal and I was progressing quite well in life. Well, I was managing the Bipolar condition with the lifestyle I describe in the book and all was good. My journey was clear of encumbrances until the Lord impressed it upon my heart to write my story.

For over six months, I resisted what the Lord was telling me to do. I didn’t want anything to do with my past. I had started a family and there was a lot at stake. The people with the potential for being affected by any societal backlash associated with opening up my life to the world were those closest to my heart; Grace and my precious girls. Nonetheless, whenever I would go to have my quiet time of prayer and study of His word, Jesus kept reminding me of how He had changed my life and how He needed others in similar situations to hear of what He had done for me. He desired for them to know Him as well and also tap into such a blessing. He told me of how ‘they’ also needed Him and how I could be a vessel to take this message of hope to ‘them’. I finally gave in when He told me to do it for His sake. I told Him I would pay the price and die to live again. So take in the Love of Jesus as you turn the pages of the book.

If you are struggling with mental illness in whatever form, the book was written with you in mind. Jesus loves you deeply and wants you to know that He cares for you no matter the circumstances around you. I pray that the narrative will enable you to see Him through the pages of the book and perhaps convict you enough to embrace Him as your Lord and Saviour. He has the power and authority to change your story!

About My book
In Search of Sanity is a tale of my journey to find meaning in life amidst a life-altering mental condition called Bipolar disorder. I open up candidly about the challenges I faced coping with the disorder but importantly give the hope I found in Christ during my journey to a productive life. Having studied in the topmost schools in Uganda and attained the highest honors and accolades, you would think that success was guaranteed. Then Bipolar hit and my entire life came to a crashing stop. You will find a holistic approach that included the use of medicine through Psychiatric help coupled with deep faith in God and family support. The book is full of light humor detailing well-crafted experiences of an African boy growing up in rural Uganda; and the pain and struggles of living with a mental condition. You will laugh and cry at the same time. But as you do, look out for the victory that could only have come from having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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From reading storybooks to authoring my books
My name is Daisy Nyaga, born, bred, and partially schooled in Embu. Born to a Nurse Mom and a Tutor Dad, my love for books and reading began at an early age. Dad always brought me colourful storybooks every end Month, which greatly fueled my love for reading. As I advanced to high school, I graduated to voraciously reading fiction Novels, and Newspapers cover to cover – and yes…Dad always expected a summary of the newspaper the following evening when he got home.

Landing a lucrative job after campus and worst that transpired
Fast forward to after campus, I landed my job at the time, as a flight attendant, with KQ, armed with my Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource. Life was good for the next 7 yrs; Flying gave me lots of exposure, meeting new people, experiencing new places and cultures, Suddenly something unusual in life happened. One chilly morning, I had just landed at JKIA from Amsterdam aboard the Boeing 777 (It was the largest capacity plane at the time carrying 322Pax). On switching on my phone, I received a Company message inviting me for an Urgent meeting that very day later at 2 pm. Little did I know it would be in that meeting where I would receive my Retrenchment letter. So I dashed home to have a quick rest, before returning to the airport for the 2 pm meeting. I can assure you I didn’t sleep well, I was anxious about the urgency of the meeting. The 2 pm east African time found me back at the co. offices, where we were separated into three groups. By now, the rumours were now rife that there was a retrenchment exercise … but nobody was very sure on the criteria or timelines! The anxiety! The first manager briefed us that we would be called out in three batches, the first batch would go home, another would be redeployed and the last one would have their take-home reduced. The batches would be called in no particular order as we were told!

The nail-biting began. The room had about 400 staff that afternoon, some were pregnant or just called back from their maternity leaves, some had just landed from flights while others had been picked from their homes to report to work only to find their names missing on the login machines…they had been redirected to the meeting. The batches began being called out. The first batch was called and they stepped out to a different room, the second batch also called out to another room. By the time I was called out in the third batch, it was very clear that a game had been played on us. Our colleagues from the first and second batch have already texted us that they had been sent home, it did not need the formula to discover that we too were going home. The letter confirmed that fear ” We are sorry to inform you that your services will no longer be required effective today 4th Sept 2012″.

I felt a rush of blood leaving my brains, mixed with the 8-hour flight jetlag, and a headache fueled by all the anxiety! Now I look back and laugh, but that day tears flowed freely…The shock, the disappointment, the anger! Couldn’t they wait for us to rest for a day or even give us a 1-month notice?

After suffering a setback the worst awaits!
I thought that was the worst day of my life! But life was waiting for me with two open arms. From my comfortable life to what was waiting out there. I suffered for the next 2-3 years:
~With no income, trying to find a footing out there
~I had to scale down my lifestyle to levels I would have never imagined for myself
~ I lost Friends who I thought would stand by me or at least ease the struggles
~My then Marriage was highly strained, and eventually fell apart
~ I accumulated debts that took me another 2 yrs to clear.

Through the struggles, I got the inspiration for my Book ‘Beyond 8 to 5 – Critical Lessons by a Retrenchee’. In it I have shared the 5 lessons I want every employee to learn; I speak and inspire everyone to always have a Fall Back Plan for their lives.
Today I Stand to Testify that I have seen God’s Faithfulness through all the struggles. He has healed me and has continued to Restore Me, I currently head operations at a Credit firm, Bridges Credit.
You may buy my book at
Fb: Daisy Nyaga. Author. Speaker
Fb: Beyond 8 to 5
Please subscribe also to my YouTube Channel:
I look forward to hosting you all on matters of

1. Money & Investments
2. Personal & Career growth
3. Entrepreneurship

Kindly reach out to me, if you are in any of the 3 spaces.

A dream that came through
My name is Gladys Juma. A wife, mother, teacher, speaker, corporate leader, author and above all, a child of the Most High God. I knew I would write a book a long time ago way back in my primary school days. I have always been an avid reader and what fascinated me was the thought process of different authors. The level of talent and creativity in putting together content that changed lives, or that entertained, etc. particularly so because the books got read by strangers like me! I knew that I wanted to be that person. The one who would create great works that would impact those who I may never know. I, however, wasn’t clear on what to write about even though this only became clear later in life.

My passion for Finance
I am a certified accountant with several years of experience in financial management. I love making sense of numbers, and I also like impacting the lives of people. When people and numbers come together, I am in my element. Part of my corporate career experience was working with two investment banks and that’s how everything is aligned to personal finance. Furthermore, I enjoy teaching money management and it, therefore, became apparent that my books would be on money management and currently I have three published books with two more underway. “Managing Your Finances God’s Way”, my first book took about 3 years to write – on and off because of my work schedule. Also, at the time I was about to complete the manuscript, I lost my job! I did not despair even though I was very distressed. I picked myself up and rewrote it by God’s grace, using the pieces I could find.

I would love to leave a legacy

I would like to be remembered as a woman who God used to guide others in making the most of their resources as His great stewards and to enjoying God-honouring financial abundance! And through authoring this book, I hope to have achieved this noble task.

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Testimonials such as – ‘It helps you understand your role as a steward of God’s resources. There are amazing insights on money viewed with the lens of Biblical principles. It attests to the fact that God’s divine power has given us everything for life and Godliness.’ allow me to keep going…encouraging more and impacting more through writing. A reader told me that she had never viewed Scripture in that way… And yeah, there’s a lot of wisdom on money in the Bible. A lot!

The book now has a manual by the same title to helps bring this book to life. It helps you apply the learning.

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It all started in a small village
I am Reverend Hadassah Rosalind, the senior pastor of Prayer Reign International Church in Toronto, Canada. Where we Reign in life through the provision of His abundant grace through our Lord Jesus Christ as in (Romans 5:17). I hail from a small village in Nyeri County. I have decided to state like that so that I can tell you there is God in heaven who lifts men and women from a miry clay. Every time I remember where I came from, I choose to follow Jesus over and over. When I got born again, the village mates told my father that he has lost a very brilliant girl to the church, which marked the beginning of my long journey of rejection and having to stand on my own because my Father disowned me and asked me to look for another father. The decision was later reversed when I became his first child to ever score an A and get admission to the university, resulting in him introducing me to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

My calling to writing
My journey in writing dates back to primary school, I have always been a fun of writing than speaking. I remember my sisters making fun that “Shiru ni mtu wa tunotes” because I would prefer to write to them instead of telling them what I needed. Along the way, God worked on me and I was able to stand up for myself and air my views with confidence. This one also took a journey.

I knew I was called to Internationally ministry and it was only a matter of time. Along the way, as I was attending a service normally, the preacher of the day who I can’t remember his name but his words stuck with me told us how unfortunate it is to preach abroad without a book. He went ahead and narrated how he preached a great sermon and after the service, everyone came to ask for materials to be left feeding on as he was away. He lost an opportunity of a lifetime. I took the counsel and knew I need to be prepared.

My authorship to publishing
When the time came for me to be ordained I purposed a book to be the best gift for the occasion. I labored and had the book out in less than 2 months. It was not easy but God gave me grace and the resources, the title of the book came as a shock. I thought since I am and has always been a woman of faith I will write about faith only to hear in the Spirit, “write about waiting on God”.

I knew nothing about publishing by the time I finished my first manuscript, I had the copies done at River road. Thanks for the pandemic in 2020 I did self-publishing through Tellwell publishers.
The title of my book is “WAIT ON GOD, I SAY WAIT ON GOD”. It emanates from my journey of hearing God to venture into ministry and finally being there. It never happened overnight and wasn’t without hurdles.


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