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Prophetic dream from my daughter
My journey of writing started with a prophetic dream from a person whom I love so much; my daughter Elsie. Back in the year 2014, she woke up one morning and told me that she had dreamt that I had written a best-selling book that was being sold in bookshops all over the world. I was startled because I have always been a reader but never thought of writing books. Nevertheless, I believed her instantly because she has a gift with dreams that started manifesting in her life from the age of ten; so whenever she shares what she sees or dreams of, I pay attention.

Looking into my life then, there was nothing good to write about and I felt like my life had moved backward since our return to Kenya from the United States in December of 2012. Anyway, after that dream, years passed and I fell further into emotional and economic hardship: experienced depressive states; massive struggled to educate my daughter through high school as I also tried so hard to start a business after resigning from my job. In all these gruesome times, my belief in God was extremely challenged. However, about three years ago, there was an alignment of life in the right direction, I began to heal and to understand why I was going through the tough times and how God’s power was manifesting itself throughout that difficult period of the transition. This brought healing, joy, and such a closeness to God that I believe God is my best friend.

The dream came true
January 2020 came and I was having a conversation with a friend when the Holy Spirit quickened me to understand that I must write my book with immediate effect. Within the same month, things fell in place and I started that journey through an amazing writing coach. As Covid 19 hit us, the business had slowed down and whatever savings I had got used up for some investments; meaning my book was ready for editing, graphic designing but there was no money, so the project stalled. That was so challenging but I prayed and took my mind off it. Come December 2020, I was introduced to a business opportunity that miraculously opened financial doors and I revived my dream to publish the manuscript immediately- within three weeks, my editor and the rest of the team had cooperated and we were ready to launch the book. January 30th, 2021 was an amazing day as it was the blessed day that God and I officially launched the book ‘Rise and Shine’.
To Him be glory and honour. He will do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think of.

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My name is George Odhiambo, author of “Days before dawn”. I come from a large family of more than thirteen siblings. I’m a banker by profession, but I love charity works too.

My plentiful experiences to inspire
‘Days before dawn’ is my first solidly published work. It is a culmination of significant years of experiences and reading, as well as cultural infusion. Though I have had intermittent writing in both high school and university, it was not sufficiently purposeful. And so in May 2020, I started off a journey of penning down supposedly rich experience into a book with an aim to share my story both as a lesson and as literary literature. The book is a collection of an authentic back to the future memory train, leaving in its wake a thoroughly “damaged” rib through hilarious recounts of events. More importantly, though, it aims to inspire perseverance, focus, and single-mindedness in goal mission and delivery. Please take a ride with me.

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My name is James Murage Kweri from Nairobi, Kenya. I am born again by the grace of God, also married and blessed with two sons, five and two years old. I am a training consultant in a bank, a church leader, a community leader and an entrepreneur.

My assignment to share
My book “Born A Prince Lived A Slave” is my first successful published work. I have served in various capacities in the past that prepared me for the writing journey- having served in two editorial teams in the past, the first experience was in a Christian magazine that was done by a young evangelical team that was operating in the outskirts of Nairobi in the early 2000s. The second one was in Maseno University in the year 2006 when I was part of the students’ publication editorial team.

My blueprint and passion are in knowledge development, particularly in the enterprise. God has graced me in this area and this book is a product of that grace. This book is not my personal story, it is my personal message, it is my assignment to share.

My big question expands into a book
The average life expectancy of a woman in Okinawa in Japan is 90. It is 63 in Nairobi Kenya. The variance for men is lower by six years in both countries, meaning that the average life expectancy for a man in Kenya currently stands at 57 years. I was brought up in a Christian family and I knew life and death were in the hands of God. I shared this statistic in a corporate forum in Mombasa and the question I was asking is, why would God allow men to die early in Kenya than in Japan? Yet statistics showed that more men in God were Christian worshippers as compared to the Buddhists and Confucius followers in Japan. The night before I asked this question, God had ministered to me through Ecclesiastes (10:7) ‘I have seen slaves on horseback, while princes go on foot like slaves.’ I knew just from reading this verse that this was dangerous. Why would princes fall and become slaves?

That question would simmer in my heart and would continue expanding and expounding until it eventually became a book. The big message in this book is that men can choose to either be princes or slaves, it is a choice that is largely driven by the knowledge we have. The tragedy in this world is that many people spend all their time doing everything, except what they were created to do. They do not decode God’s message and plan for their lives. These people end up as slaves, yet they had a perfect opportunity to be princes. The book covers the choices men make in the enterprise, marriage, prayer and religion, and how those choices end up influencing their destiny.

God created man to thrive in some areas and not others
God has created us and the earth in perfect shape and blueprint. As God’s prime creation, he has charged us with the responsibility of knowledge, without which we perish. He expects the farmers to generate the right knowledge that enables them to effectively harness nature in their farms to flourish. When it rains, he expects the farmer to know what to do with the water from heaven. If the farmer does not know what to do with it, he misses an opportunity to do better. If the farmer plants one tree in his farm without knowledge and forfeits another tree, what is the opportunity cost for that farmer?

If a man lives his entire life without praying, what does that make him? What is the opportunity cost for a man who has been given free access to heaven, yet fails to utilize that opportunity? Or what is the cost for a man who lives his entire life, and forfeits the saving message of Christ? He ends up in eternal slavery yet all along he had an opportunity to become an eternal prince in God’s kingdom.

As a banker and a training consultant, I have come to cherish that God has designed us to thrive in some areas and not others. One of the most important questions an individual should discover in life is what business or enterprise should one venture into? This question has a lot of foundation in the bible and Jews have done wonderful books on enterprise making and specialization. The reality, however, on the ground is that most people spend a lot of their time doing every other business except the business they were created to do. The next issue then becomes, what happens to a man who invests in the business that he was not created to invest in? He lives in struggle and slavery.

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My name is Noreen Asekenye from Uganda. I am a children’s writer and the founder of Tell a Story Foundation, a nonprofit organization using stories and acts of charity to influence change in communities.

My writing began early in lower primary school
My writing journey began as early as primary two. I remember always writing short sentences of how my day went. In primary Six at Kitante Primary School, with encouragement from my English teacher, I joined the writer’s club at that time we were preparing for the Queen of England’s visit to my school in 2007. The first essay I wrote was about funeral rites in my Culture which were pinned together in an art room that the Queen visited. It was so beautiful having the Queen glance at the stories that were written by young children.

My passion for writing made me study Literature for all my six years in secondary school. I also created a writers club in my senior five where I served as president. Writing was so easy for me. I topped my English composition exams and wrote for my classmates too. I wrote simple poetry and plays that were acted during church competitions.

I first wrote, “Mother My Hero” in 2017. By then I was still a student of Makerere University doing an internship at Visit Uganda Tours and Travel. I was also a volunteer teaching children how to read and write.

Writing ‘Mother My Hero’ was greatly influenced by my mother, love for children and the community I come from, a very rural yet traditional community called Kiwanga in Namanve that greatly respects the virtue of greeting others. It is just so hard to pass by anyone without saying hello.

My mother raised the bar so high for us as her children, she is a ‘Musawo’ also known as a doctor. The community knows her as a very social person, and together with my siblings, we had to follow in her footsteps. With this inspiration, I wrote the book ‘Mother my Hero’ to encourage children to always greet others. It costs nothing to say hello to someone. Such acts make us more humane.

I did not find a hard time writing the book. It is my story, I only wrote what my brothers and I did when we were young, waking up, praying, brushing our teeth, walking to school, seeing our mother stop to only greet others, and observing the reactions she received after doing so.

I wrote about twenty long sentences. Lucky enough I had researched about a children’s publishing company called Uganda Children’s Writers and Illustrators Association that was not so far away from my internship place. That evening, I asked my supervisor to allow me to step out, I went to the office, introduced myself, I had to pay a membership fee for me to be part of them. By then I didn’t have the money so I left and came back with it days later.

I presented them my story which was filed, I had to commit time to edit with them. The process did not take long. We edited in just days. After I was introduced to an Illustrator who was a member of the organization too. We discussed the terms of payment, being a member too, I could not pay the same price as the others who were not. Within a few months, the book was beautifully illustrated and we had to go to the final stage of putting everything together.

Aftermath of writing
Financing the book was so hard for me at the time. I was a student who was entirely dependant on her parents as a source of survival. Asking for support would be hard because I had little ones who needed more help. I only had to be considerate and sacrificial. Years passed by and ‘Mother my Hero’ was never read. It would hurt every single day knowing that there is such rich content that has not been read by anyone. My energy levels were running low but I kept the faith that at the perfect time all will fall in place and my book would bloom. At this time I had begun a nonprofit organization too by faith without any money, I wanted stories to be celebrated as a tool for social change in communities. The needs were just so big.

I am now debt-free, fully paid the Illustrator and the lady who put the pages together and now we are here. All thanks to author Angela Nsimbi for sharing with me then call for submissions. Even though I have never met her physically. We only met online on a zoom Girls for Girls session through a chat. I thank her for the support.

The book is not yet in any bookshop or online store. I am glad that it is published. I am looking forward to seeing it grow and inspiring the young generation.

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My name is Angela Nsimbi, I am a public speaker and a mental health activist. I am a wife to one man, and I also enjoy my role as a mother to five children; four daughters and a son. I have grown into my role by the grace of God.

I discovered my purpose in a very surprising way. When my whole world was crumbling, God was rebuilding it for purpose. When all that l held dear was threatened and under attack, God was there all the way whispering to me that; “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my,” declares the LORD, Isaiah (55:8) NIV.

God’s purpose was taking shape beyond the confines of my family and marriage. When the rapid speech manifested, loss of sleep, and lack of interest in what I loved doing, it led me on a journey of healing. When my mind held ‘conferences’ with invisible people since I could hear strange voices; it was my time to get healing. I experienced a meltdown mentally. The medical diagnosis for my mental health crisis is what doctors call bipolar affective disorder. Simply put, it is the extremes of depressive episodes and manic ones. I hit rock bottom. Thankfully, Jesus Christ the Rock was there to hold me. The pain was deeply rooted from partly childhood pain. I was raised in a polygamous family. My mother, a professional French teacher, my stepmother and daddy, a real estate entrepreneur, raised me. As a child l was raised watching my parents’ conflict often. The violence between them left me traumatised. It hurt.

Healing journey
Fast forward, in my adult life, I grew desperate, fear gripped my life, it increased by leaps and bounds. For a long time, I lived in denial, I was facing pain at the hands of the one I love; my husband. To give him credit, he paid attention to my needs big time, a hands-on father but then, we began to grow distant. It began subtly; with verbal abuse; that developed into sudden outbursts of anger from him, sometimes before other people. I did not know how to handle conflict in a healthy manner.

Bipolar caused more imbalance to an already strained marriage. My husband did not understand my sudden strange behaviour; which we later understood to be symptoms of bipolar. Loss of interest in things I loved doing, for example, the paranoia. I sought for healing through the pages of the bible after taking psychotic medicines that did not address the deeper issues of my soul wounds. Counselling and family support came in handy. He cooked my meals and took charge of giving me my medication when l could not cook while l continued nursing our nine-month-old baby at the time.

Inspiration to write
With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I got a revelation for the need to forgive those who hurt me. Scientific research supports the fact that bitterness and unforgiveness makes one prone to chronic illness. So, I chose to let go and forgive.

I clung to the Lord Jesus, till the inspiration to write my book “BREAKING FREE: IAM NOT BIPOLAR A JOURNEY OF HOPE, HEALING AND RESTORATION” was breathed as I journaled. During one of my devotional moments, the gentle whisper to write a book of my healing journey was unveiled. I wrote my book four years later. I know betrayal first hand, I know the smell of fear, I touched it once! I know what abuse does to an already wounded soul! It is therefore not surprising that the healing ministry is me!

I learned and still learn how to trust again. I am glad so far with the baby steps I have made so far. From a timid naive newly-wed to now a bold and fearless phenomenal woman. Professionally, as a journalist for over 20years, who has enthusiastically written on many topics, later mental health has become my focus. I boldly use my own bipolar story to preach mental health awareness and wellness, in church, workplaces, and civic spaces. Online l run a mental health awareness campaign;
I breathe, eat, drink and live mental health. I cannot tell my story without Jesus. The great physician met me at my point of need and gave me exceptional opportunities to share my testimony.

My purpose with the world
I founded a mental health support group; Heart2Heart chat in 2015, In the same year, I co-founded a non-profit organisation; My Story Initiative with a vision to empower people with psychosocial disabilities. I support people struggling with mental illness through; talks, counselling, blogging, and writing. I share information. The Great Physician rewarded me double for my trouble. He is restoring me! From having a mind full of turmoil to having a sound mind is a miracle, to say the least. I live to testify.

I am now a solution to the anxiety-filled world. The COVID 19 pandemic, has brought mental health issues to the forefront. I want to pour myself into the hurting world more because there is hope! I still believe in love, family and marriage! God is continually beautifying me!

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My name is Hannah Nduta popularly known as Hannah Kagiri. I am a born-again Christian, a mother of four children though my eldest daughter passed on in the year 2014. I am married to Patrick Kagiri and we live in Thogoto, Kiambu County. Professionally, I am an educator and a professional counselor. I love children dearly, right from the time I was a student in secondary school to date, I have been a Sunday school teacher, I also serve in the Christian Education Committee at PCEA Kikuyu township church.

Field of dreams
My writing journey started way back in primary school. My splendid performance in the English language motivated me to pursue a degree course in English Literature at Kenyatta University. Reading widely enormously ignited in me a desire to put my experiences in writing. Any piece of writing I come across be it old newspapers, magazines, the bible and online stories is worth reading. Being a reserved lady, writing has been my number one way of venting out my deep emotions. In one of the chapters in my book ‘Shape your Destiny,’ I have penned down a tribute to my late father. He died in the year 2004 after a short illness. I was the one who was with him during the last moments of his life. His death dealt a big blow to me. He was the pillar of our family and an adorable father. I particularly adored him, he used to tell me that I was named after his sister who was never born. He would fondly call me ‘Gatuta witu’ translated to ‘Nduta my sister’. My father cherished education and he would even sell the family cattle to pay for our education. He educated the eleven of us without a regular job and no business.

Inspiration to write
‘Shape your Destiny’ was born out of my experience while teaching in high school and in my church. Teenage is a crisis stage in children. They struggle with establishing their identity, settling in their changing body, and fitting in their peers. It is a stage between childhood and adulthood that should be handled carefully, apart from the physical changes, there is the emotional and psychological aspect of their development that largely dictates their behavior at this level. Parents and guardians should endeavor to understand what informs their children’s behavior at this stage rather than react and scold them when they go astray. Creating time for them and maintaining good communication helps to mitigate challenges related to the adolescent stage.
My struggles in secondary school and how I dealt with them resonates with many young people today. One of my mentors who read my manuscript asked me to give her a copy of my book after I publish and that is how I got the courage to Publish ‘Shape your Destiny’.

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Daniel Drileba Dratibi is my name, a born again Christian. Born in a Christian family, raised in the church by my parents Rev. Gard and Ruth Obale. I am a high school teacher, self-published author, inspirational speaker, mental health activist, Coach, and Pastor at Masaka Pentecostal Church Uganda, East Africa. Happily married to Eva Amongin Drileba with 3 children so far.

My Grandfather’s tale of marriage
My Dad was bitterly rejected for choosing to become a Christian in 1975 before he got married. Our grandfather was a village activist for polygamy. Having been born in a family of 13 wives, my grandfather badly wanted all his children to have more than two wives at least. While growing up I heard him telling us that when you bring the first wife, don’t take long before bringing the second. As the 2 wives are starting to get along, get the third one so that they don’t get used to each other and agree to betray you. When my Dad refused to listen to his advice, he was excommunicated by the family. He then asked the entire village to have nothing to do with my Dad and his family in case of anything. My Dad only had a small space to put a house but chose to remain in the village and decided to serve God.
Without any property in the village, he chose to start the first church in our community and he then married in 1980 and indeed he participated alone in the entire marriage process without the involvement of most of his family members. As I came into the picture, since my Dad’s entire family was rejected, I was a victim of circumstance.
Though some of my relatives (uncles and aunts) were wealthy by village standards, they didn’t support our education, accommodations, welfare, etc. But God saw me through school though I also received bitter rejections in our village government schools both primary and secondary. I was repeatedly reminded how we were cursed by our grandfather and as result, we would never succeed in life. We didn’t have good accommodation, feeding, clothing, etc. However, my Dad kept reminding us of the promises of God in the Bible.

Living a life of rejection
When I felt I was ready to relate with girls and thought of getting married, the rejections continued. I had 8 heartbreaks of broken relationships not having counted those who fired me before proposing and those who told me that they would think about it and give me an answer before finally getting married in 2017 and indeed just like my Dad, I had the entire marriage process without the involvement of my paternal relatives. I received bitter rejections from the family of my wife because I couldn’t afford to pay all the dowry of ten cows, ten goats, and four million Ugandan shillings at once. They viewed me as a poor teacher who could not be in a position to take care of their daughter. But thankfully she loved me and believed in me. After three years of a standoff, they finally allowed us to get married seeing that we were really in unconditional love and had to clear all dowry obligations before marrying her.
I got bitter rejections at school where I was teaching after being promoted to a place of leadership as the director of studies and later the deputy headteacher. With most of my fellow teachers believing that I was not fit to lead them yet some older teachers were in the school for a longer time than me. But I had to do my work till I was called to the full-time ministry in 2015. I guess God was training me for greater assignments.

How I discovered myself a potential author
I discovered my ability to become an author in 2017 after self-evaluating myself having invested and gone through a coaching session with a company called ‘Imagine me Africa’ which challenged me to evaluate my life and discover who I was and what I had been created for. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity that helped me discover my gifts, talents and strengths of which being an author stood out. Apart from writing, I love teaching, coaching, counseling, music dance and drama, networking, speaking, helping others and having quality time with my family.

In the Bible, just as Apostle Paul told the church in Corinth in his letter to them in the book of 2 Corinthians (1:2-11)

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Comfort in Suffering. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds through Christ. Now if we are afflicted, it is for your consolation and salvation, which is effective for enduring the same sufferings which we also suffer. Or if we are comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation. And our hope for you is steadfast, because we know that as you are partakers of the sufferings, so also you will partake of the consolation. Delivered from Suffering. For we do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, of our trouble which came to us in Asia: that we were burdened beyond measure, above strength, so that we despaired even of life. Yes, we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead, who delivered us from so great a death, and does deliver us; in whom we trust that He will still deliver us, you also helping together in prayer for us, that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the gift granted to us through many”. Pauls Sincerity (NKJV)

2 Corinthians (4:8-9)
“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed”. (NKJV)

I believe the challenges I went through as a child till adulthood were to benefit the kingdom of God. As an African child, I have been through a lot of pains of rejections, heartbreaks and depression and have seen many fellow humans go through the same. Abandonment, insults and abuses, false accusations, starvation, corporal punishments and harassments, isolation from others, negative attitude towards you, never been appreciated but rather blamed, being despised, etc. are forms of rejections we face from home or family, school, place of work, relationship and marriage for various reasons.

My discovered repercussions of rejection
I have discovered that rejection is one of the major factors leading to youths and adults not realizing their dreams. Due to the compounded effect of rejections received from family, place of work, relationships, marriage, etc. so many people get themselves self- imprisoned in their own prisons. A prison is a facility in which inmates are forcibly confined and denied a variety of freedoms under the authority of the state. Life imprisonment is any sentence of imprisonment for a crime committed under which convicted people are to remain in prison either for the rest of their natural lives or until pardoned, paroled or otherwise commuted to a fixed term. In this case, a prison can be classified as; Physical prison, Financial prison, Social prison, Emotional prison, Mental prison, Spiritual prison. The pains of such imprisonments due to rejection result in many severe effects like; Killing of self-esteem, passion, dreams and vision. Creating a state of confusion, regret, bitterness, anger and jealousy. Promoting drug abuse, domestic violence, poor health, separation and divorce, depression, suicide and murder. Creating dysfunctional societies with a high crime rate.

When I now look back at all the forms of rejection that I have gone through and the impact it had on my life and how I overcame it, I have no doubt that there is hope for everyone and help is available to overcome the negative impact of rejection, heartbreak and depression and turn greatest dreams into reality and become a better person in the family, place of work, church, nation and the world as a whole.

The focus of my book
I decided to write in order to inspire, motivate, empower individuals for the holistic transformation of generations through my personal story and testimony. Having gone through bitter rejections from home, school, place of work and relationships which rejections did not stop me from accomplishing my purpose and dream and my ideal satisfying life. I chose to minister healing, restoration and holistic transformation to people who could be going through or have gone through the same using my books. For example, despite having gone through eight broken relationships, I got and am still married with three children so far.

My books offer practical solutions to rejection, heartbreak and depression in homes, school, places of work, relationships, marriage, etc., and teach you how to;
a) Make the shift from simply surviving to thriving.
b) Release blocks that may have been holding you back from breakthrough to greatness.
c) Break free from the bondage of the past pains of rejection.
d) Discover your true genius gifts to fulfill your life’s purpose and calling.
e) Reduce absenteeism at work due to poor health.
f) Improve work engagement and performance.
g) Attract a romantic partner who is a true equal or transform your present relationship.
h) Become authentically confident.
i) Be supported, loved, and valued by all the people close to you.etc.

My publishing journey
When I decided to publish my books, I tried many publishing companies in Uganda but they didn’t see potential in my book and also charged me money that I could not afford. I then decided to have an online class with Chandler Bolt and Rob Kosberg whom I met on Facebook for self-publishing. It worked! I then followed the entire process and self-published my books. I currently help others self-publish their books as well.

I faced some challenges especially financially to have the entire process done. Many people didn’t believe in my dream of becoming an author as a result they were not ready to invest or lend me money to accomplish my dream. Am glad I didn’t listen to their negative and discouraging voices.

The most surprising things I learned in writing my book are commitment and determination. I didn’t know that I was very committed and determined until My wife made that comment one day that if I could do every other thing like the way I do the books, I would be very far with life! I had sleepless nights in that the classes were running in the morning and afternoon in the United States of America that is late in the night here in Uganda. I had to do the assignments in time. Thankfully it was during our total lockdown in Uganda.

My suggestion to other authors in Africa is that Its possible to cause impact and transform lives through our experiences in books. Let’s embrace the art of writing and preferably self-publishing.
Africa has the best natural talent and resources from diverse cultures. Let’s embrace it, nurture it and develop it. Together we can.

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I am passionate about empowering the poor
My name is Humphrey M. Kanga, I am married to Helen, and we are blessed with two grown-up children, Alex, and Abigail. Alex and his wife Mercy have made me a grandparent of two beautiful granddaughters, Teagan and Meghan. I am the founder and CEO of Kenya Connection Ministries International headquartered in Chuka Kenya. I left my family for five years to attend Erskine Theological Seminary in South Carolina USA and attained a Master of Divinity degree in 2006. I am passionate about my call to ministering and empowering the poor and destitute in society. I started and leads a multimillion social enterprise that provides support to the poor, the sick, and abused in society.

The parachurch organization has built a campus that houses the four children’s homes, the technical institute and administrative offices. I am a preacher of the gospel and serve the community in many ways including mentorship to the youth, leading a book reading club and being a board member of a few public institutions.

I grew up in a bigamous family comprising of fifteen children, (brothers and sister), two mothers and a father. In such a large home the resources were meager especially the basic needs of life. The lack of these basic needs weighed very heavily in my heart. At times I felt stressed and discouraged. I grew with lots of questions in my heart. Why others have plenty and others very
little resources.

My journey to salvation
In 1976 when I was in class six, I committed my life to Christ as my personal savior. The Christian Union Teenage boys from Ikuu Boys High School visited our church one afternoon and our Sunday school teachers invited us for an afternoon fellowship. In that team was my brother, Benjamin who had joined Ikuu High School. When Benjamin joined form one, I noticed a great change in his life. He came home during school break (holiday) very different. He told me that he had an encounter with Jesus Christ. It made him then realize that he was a sinner and that Christ died for him. He then became saved and made a commitment to Christ as his Lord.

Benjamin is the one who had brought the teenage Christian boys to church that afternoon. We had had an afternoon service in the church where they conducted and preached in the afternoon worship service. The boys shared with us how they were born again and the experience and joy that had come into their lives. As we worshipped they were so fervent and enthusiastic. They talked with joy and were full of life. You could tell from their passion, excitement and confidence as they shared their testimonies that truly Jesus had touched the core of their lives.

One of the boys called Daniel who I later understood was the leader of the group preached the sermon that afternoon. He made an altar call for those who wanted to accept Jesus as Lord and savior. I stepped forward to the altar for prayer. As the appeal for commitment to Christ was going on, the congregation of teenage boys and girls in the church sang, “I have decided to follow Jesus and no turning back”. Thank God that that song is still very live in my heart to date.

I became very aggressive in knowing Christ whereby I bought a New Testament bible at six Kenya shillings; from the money I raised by working in the coffee farm. The small pocket bible became my companion. In two years, the small bible became red, brown and tattered. It had become my companion in class, in the garden, in the field as I looked after goats and cows, and also in the church. It got torn and some pages were falling apart but my soul, spirit and body were not.

In 1979 I joined Ikuu Boys High School and the band of boys welcomed me to the Christian union for they had known me earlier. They acted as my mentors and role models. They taught me how to pray and fast, how to preach and also gave me the opportunity to be a leader in the Christian Union. I became a C.U treasurer in form one, a position I held for six years.

My path to authorship
In class six it is where the seeds of writing were sowed by my English teacher Mr. Frank Murithi. Before Mr. Frank took over class six, I was very poor in English. I used to score three out of twenty in my composition. When Mr. Frank took over English class in class six, he motivated and encouraged me showing me that nobody should fail in English. He introduced the class to the habits of reading storybooks in order to have a good foundation for the English language. I heeded the advice and devoured storybooks.

In the second term, my English language both spoken and written had greatly improved. In class seven, I wrote a composition and scored thirty-nine out of forty (39/40). It was the talk of the school. It was read to the class and I was made a point of reference for good composition writing. It was then a seed was planted in my subconscious that I can write.

In high school, I almost lost my English. It was like it had all gone back to England. I did not have good English teachers like Mr. Frank. For your information, I did not take English Literature in secondary school for I got demoralized.

I have realized that you do not have to be an English major to write a book. Writing takes a resolve that once I start, I will finish. The most important thing is jotting down your ideas. With the help of English major teachers and editors, they can help you fix the grammar. The truth is, the ideas you have nobody else has and that what a story is. I can say without blinking that everybody has a story to tell. The fire of writing was ignited again when I joined college and theological seminary. I was exposed to a lot of writing, reading and research.

Since 2006, very close friends in America and Kenya kept on pushing me to write a book. They impressed me that I had a story to tell the world. This was after founding the Kenya Connection Ministry which has rescued and given hope to very many orphaned and destitute children and the disfranchised in the society. These friends impressed me to write that story for posterity. I slept over the idea for some years and finally, I had to break the mold and start the writing journey.

What my book entails
The book Rebranding to Win is a collection of my experiences, thoughts and ideas that I have come across through my personal and corporate leadership. It is so amazing that when you hold a pen and focus on writing, once you scribble the first sentence, the second sentence comes, the third, then a paragraph, a page and on and on.

Rebranding to Win- is my second book. It’s a personal empowerment and leadership tool. It intends to light a fire that has been waiting for a trigger to action. Rebranding to win is about rediscovering the great potential in each one of us and hence reshaping destiny by means of personal empowerment. I look at this book as a toolkit for our individual and corporate transformation.

This book calls the readers to be driven by values, habits and principles that are carefully thought, selected and internalized. The book equips the reader and gives guts to face challenges and roadblocks. It encourages individuals to be trailblazers and hence be willing to travel on the road less travelled. This book brings to your attention the attitudes, mindsets, principles of champions.
It is a book suitable for students, corporate CEOs, pastors, church leaders and servants, self-employed individuals, politicians, intellectuals and all who want to win in this life.

Your dream can be actualized with God’s help
It took me five years to write and publish my first book titled “The Journey Against All Odds”. This is a true story that shows you can dream a dream and with God’s help actualize the dream into reality. What provoked me to write this book was my absence from family for five years. The book covers my experiences in the United States at that time. I left the country by faith in pursuit of education and empowerment for ministry. I had a visa that would not allow me to come back incase I left the United States. That is why I ended up staying there so that I could finish my mission.

By God’s divine intervention, I realized the purpose that had led me to the States. While I was there, I felt a call to do ministry among the destitute and orphaned children, the sick and the lowly in society. I returned home in 2006 and close to fifteen years that is what I have been doing with my life. We have established four children’s homes, touched the lives of thousands of children, and we have sponsored over 250 children and youth in primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities in Kenya producing teachers, engineers, Christian gospel singers, technicians, doctors and brothers and sisters in Christ who are now living as comfortably as other normal Kenyans. All these were from a pack of kids who were either orphaned or destitute.

The book is about walking the journey in life with hopeless, downtrodden, orphaned and destitute children. The story is about empowering these children, mentoring them and guiding them through life and many of them excelling in academics and hence in joining universities, colleges and technical institutes. It’s also about how God lined up people to that cause in Kenya, America, Britain, Australia for that mission.

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I am Gideon Nyakiongora, 73 years old, and a graduated from the University of Nairobi in the year 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Literature. I was employed by the Income Tax Department of the Treasury and worked with them for 33 years until my retirement in the year 2006. After retirement, I had plenty of time to do something meaningful because, at the age of 58, I was still feeling energetic and I wanted to continue working. At Kenya Revenue Authority I was a manager from the early eighties and retired as a Senior Manager at the Domestic Taxes Department, Times Tower. The KRA bosses loved my work such that even after reaching my retirement period, they extended my stay with them for an extra three years to perform special tasks.

My dream to pursue journalism was shuttered
With free time in my hands, I set up a tax Consultancy which ran for almost 10 years before I called it to an end. Then I remembered what I had intended to do at the university; Journalism but the faculty had not been established at the University of Nairobi at the time and hence forcing me to join the faculty of arts. The main reason I wanted to study journalism was because of the encouragement I had from my English teacher by the name McClure who liked my English and made me the Editor in Chief of ‘Getembe’- the Kisii High School Magazine. I now, however, had time to pursue my career, that is writing. Indeed I had mastery over languages thought I was able to handle mathematical subjects like Economics and pass with great honours. I also did accounts. I considered God has gifted me because I could also serve as an accountant.

My progress in authorship
I started writing around 2011 and submitted the manuscript to the publishers for approval and publication but I was disappointed that while editors recommended my work for publication the bosses would turn them down and decline the publication. I felt frustrated to the extent that one member of one firm’s editorial team advised me privately to do self-publication and this is what I did and established my own publishing company known as Gdeon Wisdom Publishers and to date, I have published 11 books viz:
1.Set The Last Captives Free.
2.The Tale Of Innocent Imani.
3.Born To Die
4.Amazing Love
5.Why Jesus Christ
6.Mateka Wa Mwisho Wakombolewe
7.Hadithi Ya Imani Asiye Na Hatia
8.Kuzaliwa Ili Kufa
9.Mahaba Ya Kushangaza
10.Kwanini Ni Yesu Kristo
11.Omogano O’Imani Otari Na Mamocho.
Those are the books I have so far authored and published and they are in the market and in Nairobi there were some in TextbookCentre but all the English books are in Amazon.

Inside story of my book
The book “Why Jesus Christ” is about the Christian mission work I do under a ministry called ‘Come Back Home’ whose target is to arouse Christians to reach out to Muslims. It is because Muslims are also the harvest field which our Lord and Saviour, who has redeemed us from sin and made us coheirs with Him without paying the price.
The book is appealing not only to general nonbelievers to come to the faith but also to other faiths as well. This is why I have included Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainists, Confucianism in my appeal having studied something about their faiths. I am still writing and by the grace of God, I feel fully charged to continue.

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I picked my hobby of motorcycling from my mother
My name is Dr. Kevin Rombosia; a medical doctor, geospatial epidemiologist, and healthcare leader. I am 33 years old with quite a story to tell. The Good Lord has been remarkably good to my family. My father passed on in 2002 due to alcoholism-related complications. Before and after that, my mother had to single-handedly raise seven of us; two boys and five girls. We’ve all finished University education and hold various influential positions; a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, and four engineers.

My book ‘Dreams On A Motorcycle’ details our journey. I am an avid long-distance motorcyclist; a hobby I picked from my mother. She had a 50cc Suzuki motorcycle with which she used to run her mitumba and duka businesses to help raise our school fees.

My life story and what transpired
The book details my thought processes that led me, through dedication, and prayer, to being the index one student at Mang’u High School, being a competitive basketball player, scoring straight A’s, awardee of the All Round Student Award, my journey through medical school, my experiences in the medical field and how I got to be awarded the 2019 Kenya Excellence in Healthcare Leadership Award by the Ministry of Health.

The book also brings to light my life failures that I’ve learnt from, continue to learn from, and wish that other people learn from as well; most significantly my marriage failure and lessons on harmonious co-parenting.

In summary, ‘Dreams On A Motorcycle’ is a manual on resilience in life.

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