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Lukas Pious Lukanga; is a prolific writer, author, speaker, thought leader, communicator, publisher, podcast host and Training consultant with vast experience in helping individuals and teams transform their culture towards excellence. His passion for awakening and empowering ordinary people to become extra-ordinary influence in society continues to be the heart of his communication engagements. And he has authored some of the most remarkable transitional books among which are; Persistence pays off, Destined for greatness and Keys for Effective Living, that continue to inspire young people and leaders into becoming their most effective self.

Books by Lukas Pious

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”


“PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF” is a heart-to-heart message that will help you realize that you are on a mission to find and draw significance to lives, better our world, and be better. In life, we all desire to have peace of mind and a life that has significance. And this book edifies the soul and simplifies the journey as it opens you up with illustrations to reflect on what it takes to see yourself from being broken into pieces to peace of mind, from being a victim to experiencing effective victories

Other Books By Lukas Pious

“Destined for greatness” is a map to guide you and help you track your course to the desirable. A life lived without purpose and intent is a life half lived. And purpose is when you live for a defined cause to the effect of lives. The lessons shared herein have proven to so many a sure key to a fulfilled life and gratifying wholistic progress.

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

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Saba connie
Saba connie
6 months ago

To be fruitful you have to be faithful to the significance of what you do thank you lukas for such a great lesson

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