Master Chef

Sunny was a 19 year old girl who had a great talent, she was an amazing cook. She cooked for her family all the time.

She knew she was going to be on the Top 10 cooks of Colbert someday. She was very confident in herself. One day, when Sunny was walking in the neighborhood when she saw a poster that read, “Last chance to go to the Ultimate Cooking Rounds!”

Sunny leapt to her feet running home she told her Mama about it.  Mama said, “I think it’s fine if you go. I bet you’re going to win.”

Sunny rushed to the car. In a heartbeat, she left. The building was shaped like a chef’s hat. When she got in, she started to prepare her dish.

She decided to make rolls for the appetizer, shrimp noodles for the starter, lasagnia and garlic bread for the main course and chocolate moose for the dessert.

The judges tried her food. She got 3rd place. She did not really care if she was not the winner, as long as she felt like a winner to herself.

“Good game” the girl in 1st place shook her hand. Sunny smiled at the girl.

The next day, Adia and Garvi (Sunny’s younger siblings) made her a medal out of a fake big coin and a necklace. She really was a winner, as was everyone else, they just had to see it.

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