Miriam Wanjiku Gichungwa


Miriam Wanjiku Gichung’wa


Rev. (Mrs) Miriam Gichung’wa received Jesus Christ as her personalSavior at the age of nine while in primary school. As a youth, she was involved in counseling and leading evangelistic teams at her local church, high school and college. The Lord burdened her heart with the message of lletting others know of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. She teaches, preaches and conducts counseling sessions locally and internationally. Dr. Miriam Gichung’wa is the National Co-ordinator of Women with a Call International East Africa, International faculty member of Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership. She is the servant Leader of Prayer watch International and involved with both Kenya and Africa house of prayer. She is a member of Scripture Union of Kenya and Bible Society of Kenya. She is the author of a powerful, practical, impacting and fast moving book A Glimpse of God’s presence, The prayer concept. Rev. Dr. Miriam Gichung’wa is an Assistant Chaplain at the Presbyterian University of East Africa where she is a Senior Lecturer in the school of Business and Economics as an expert of Organization Development.

Books by Miriam Wanjiku Gichung’wa

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”


The core concept of salvation is forgiveness. Without forgiveness, salvation does not take place. This book explores the whole issue of forgiveness, what it is and how it can be practiced. Rev Miriam Gichung’wa has used her own personal testimony to demonstrate how God delivered her from bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness after many years of struggling with issues in her heart.

This books helps you to:
– Understand and appreciate Matthew 6:12, 14& 15.
– Discover that forgiveness cannot be forgiveness until God gets involved.
– Understand what forgiveness is and the power behind it.
– Establish how forgiveness releases freedom, healing and deliverance.
– Appreciate God’s forgiveness.
– Gain ability to forgive others.
– Discover that forgiveness does not mean being a doormat but an expression of love for God and others.

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