Maumbile: Value-based Sexuality Education. A Biblical Approach

Maumbile carries Interactive mixed media pages and narrative through artwork and dialogue. We share real statistics and maps of peoples, narratives and solutions based on the text of Scripture.

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5 thoughts on “Maumbile: Value-based Sexuality Education. A Biblical Approach

  1. Maumbile is a great resource for all who desire to live a God honouring life and realise healthy sexual relationships according to God’s intentions for us. So much of what is communicated in the world concerning our sexuality is inspired by our brokenness as sinners; Maumbile offers a beautiful return to the Word of the immutable God and the grace that affords us His many blessings.

  2. The view it gives in sex education not like the school curriculum teaches but with a godly perspective which is really lacking across the globe in today’s generation. This is a book I would recommend to anyone to read. People need to understand their sex(male and female) and the subject of sex as it was intended by God from the very beginning.

    Maumbile is a book that should be made known to people across the word. It should be A New York best seller because people need the knowledge and understanding from a biblical point of view.

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