Still A Mum

Akeyo and Mark are soul mates who struggle through a childless marriage for 15 years. Their marriage is filled with love, passion and prayer. Her patience and resilience keep her hopeful for a baby and their life as Akeyo sees it is perfect, until something shocking happens. She will soon learn just how her trust has been badly broken.

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28 thoughts on “Still A Mum

  1. Great story Shelia Ajok. Still a mum is a book that one can’t put down after reading a few pages,it gives hope and courage for women struggling with infertility.

  2. This is great stuff and style of writing. I read the book in one sitting because I eagerly wanted to know the ending. It is a life experience many can relate to. Already looking forward to more books from you, Mrs Lubangakene

  3. Still a mum is a tale that many of us that have struggled with infertility can relate with. From cradle to the grave, any woman struggling with infertility will find it by far, the most defining moment of their life. keep writing Sheila.

  4. A book that talks the truth, that many shy away from.Thank you for deciding to put it in ink. The write up inspires the broken hearted to know they are not alone

  5. Sheila, beautiful writing. Your writing gives comfort, hope to couple, lady,going through infertility. And it’s a beautiful read.

  6. Well written and encouraging book. It talks about real struggles in marriage and above all else restoration

  7. A moving read showing strength, resilience and determination. The in-depth struggle on the journey to motherhood but with hope till the end. Thank you for this great book.

  8. Still a mum- a book I would not stop reading over and over again. It talks about one of the challenges that couples go through and that people fear to widely talk about. Thankyou Sheila for this good book. God bless you.

  9. Thank you so much Sheila for opening up this wound in writing _ these stories open up this wound that it may eventually journey to a place of healing. For all the lives that have been touched, thank you.

  10. Thank you Shiela for being an inspiration to our modern society and your boldness and high spirit to speak about the issues in struggling relationships today is something that can’t go Un noticed, God bless you and please bring the award home.

  11. Still A Mum is a unique book. One of those books that speak to a particular situation and motivates all of us that are about to lose hope, to never give up. I will recommend it to many more couples

    1. This is the best read I have read on motherhood. Worth every minute of my time. Thank you Sheila

    1. Thank you for the articulate review Zipporah. I pray the rest of the readers enjoy it as much as you did.

      1. Still a mum very touching text that relates to the challenges women go through,keep on reaching out there.

        1. Still a mum by Sheilla Ajok . The beautiful book that has touched many. Still a mum just came in time for us. Big up

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