Managing Your Finances God’s Way

The approach used in this book seeks to help the reader see that by changing their thinking and adopting a new look towards their financial position, they could change their life for the better. And what better way to learn this from than from the Master Himself through Scripture! Managing Your Finances God’s Way is formulated in 10 easy to follow steps. It is a very easy read addressed to a keen newcomer but also valuable to the seasoned investor. This book will not only give the knowledge of how to handle money but also help you understand the spiritual side of money.

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18 thoughts on “Managing Your Finances God’s Way

  1. It is a very practical book that guides one on how to go about personal finance and how to manage them. It is a very important tool to have/read if this is your goal.

  2. It’s a great read better still very informative on how to manage your finances in a Godly manner.Get yourself a copy.

  3. It is a very instructive and practical book that will enable one to take full responsibility as regards their financials. The wisdom contained therein will get you started on your journey to financial freedom. Get yourself a copy today.

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