Seated: My Journey to Becoming

In Seated, the author dares you to begin the process of moving through and not past the  pivotal negative experiences of your life amidst the temptation to retreat or give up. Priscilla openly shares her journey of BEcoming and how she navigated the painful revelation of living a double life to now owning her story through courage, empathy, and vulnerability. She believes that it’s only when you surrender yourself to the process and let God in, that you can: Find the courage to heal from your pain Discover powerful lessons from your past Flourish and become the man/woman God created you to be.

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2 thoughts on “Seated: My Journey to Becoming

  1. Well in Priscilla, the way of man is not in himself. How desperately we need to see the grand weaver work in and through all of life to complete the tapestry that is his life in us.

  2. Such an important topic/issue to tackle. In finding one’s God given purpose, does one authentically walk their becoming journey.

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