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My name is George Odhiambo, author of “Days before dawn”. I come from a large family of more than thirteen siblings. I’m a banker by profession, but I love charity works too.

My plentiful experiences to inspire
‘Days before dawn’ is my first solidly published work. It is a culmination of significant years of experiences and reading, as well as cultural infusion. Though I have had intermittent writing in both high school and university, it was not sufficiently purposeful. And so in May 2020, I started off a journey of penning down supposedly rich experience into a book with an aim to share my story both as a lesson and as literary literature. The book is a collection of an authentic back to the future memory train, leaving in its wake a thoroughly “damaged” rib through hilarious recounts of events. More importantly, though, it aims to inspire perseverance, focus, and single-mindedness in goal mission and delivery. Please take a ride with me.

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