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My name is Angela Nsimbi, I am a public speaker and a mental health activist. I am a wife to one man, and I also enjoy my role as a mother to five children; four daughters and a son. I have grown into my role by the grace of God.

I discovered my purpose in a very surprising way. When my whole world was crumbling, God was rebuilding it for purpose. When all that l held dear was threatened and under attack, God was there all the way whispering to me that; “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my,” declares the LORD, Isaiah (55:8) NIV.

God’s purpose was taking shape beyond the confines of my family and marriage. When the rapid speech manifested, loss of sleep, and lack of interest in what I loved doing, it led me on a journey of healing. When my mind held ‘conferences’ with invisible people since I could hear strange voices; it was my time to get healing. I experienced a meltdown mentally. The medical diagnosis for my mental health crisis is what doctors call bipolar affective disorder. Simply put, it is the extremes of depressive episodes and manic ones. I hit rock bottom. Thankfully, Jesus Christ the Rock was there to hold me. The pain was deeply rooted from partly childhood pain. I was raised in a polygamous family. My mother, a professional French teacher, my stepmother and daddy, a real estate entrepreneur, raised me. As a child l was raised watching my parents’ conflict often. The violence between them left me traumatised. It hurt.

Healing journey
Fast forward, in my adult life, I grew desperate, fear gripped my life, it increased by leaps and bounds. For a long time, I lived in denial, I was facing pain at the hands of the one I love; my husband. To give him credit, he paid attention to my needs big time, a hands-on father but then, we began to grow distant. It began subtly; with verbal abuse; that developed into sudden outbursts of anger from him, sometimes before other people. I did not know how to handle conflict in a healthy manner.

Bipolar caused more imbalance to an already strained marriage. My husband did not understand my sudden strange behaviour; which we later understood to be symptoms of bipolar. Loss of interest in things I loved doing, for example, the paranoia. I sought for healing through the pages of the bible after taking psychotic medicines that did not address the deeper issues of my soul wounds. Counselling and family support came in handy. He cooked my meals and took charge of giving me my medication when l could not cook while l continued nursing our nine-month-old baby at the time.

Inspiration to write
With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I got a revelation for the need to forgive those who hurt me. Scientific research supports the fact that bitterness and unforgiveness makes one prone to chronic illness. So, I chose to let go and forgive.

I clung to the Lord Jesus, till the inspiration to write my book “BREAKING FREE: IAM NOT BIPOLAR A JOURNEY OF HOPE, HEALING AND RESTORATION” was breathed as I journaled. During one of my devotional moments, the gentle whisper to write a book of my healing journey was unveiled. I wrote my book four years later. I know betrayal first hand, I know the smell of fear, I touched it once! I know what abuse does to an already wounded soul! It is therefore not surprising that the healing ministry is me!

I learned and still learn how to trust again. I am glad so far with the baby steps I have made so far. From a timid naive newly-wed to now a bold and fearless phenomenal woman. Professionally, as a journalist for over 20years, who has enthusiastically written on many topics, later mental health has become my focus. I boldly use my own bipolar story to preach mental health awareness and wellness, in church, workplaces, and civic spaces. Online l run a mental health awareness campaign;
I breathe, eat, drink and live mental health. I cannot tell my story without Jesus. The great physician met me at my point of need and gave me exceptional opportunities to share my testimony.

My purpose with the world
I founded a mental health support group; Heart2Heart chat in 2015, In the same year, I co-founded a non-profit organisation; My Story Initiative with a vision to empower people with psychosocial disabilities. I support people struggling with mental illness through; talks, counselling, blogging, and writing. I share information. The Great Physician rewarded me double for my trouble. He is restoring me! From having a mind full of turmoil to having a sound mind is a miracle, to say the least. I live to testify.

I am now a solution to the anxiety-filled world. The COVID 19 pandemic, has brought mental health issues to the forefront. I want to pour myself into the hurting world more because there is hope! I still believe in love, family and marriage! God is continually beautifying me!

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