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Prophetic dream from my daughter
My journey of writing started with a prophetic dream from a person whom I love so much; my daughter Elsie. Back in the year 2014, she woke up one morning and told me that she had dreamt that I had written a best-selling book that was being sold in bookshops all over the world. I was startled because I have always been a reader but never thought of writing books. Nevertheless, I believed her instantly because she has a gift with dreams that started manifesting in her life from the age of ten; so whenever she shares what she sees or dreams of, I pay attention.

Looking into my life then, there was nothing good to write about and I felt like my life had moved backward since our return to Kenya from the United States in December of 2012. Anyway, after that dream, years passed and I fell further into emotional and economic hardship: experienced depressive states; massive struggled to educate my daughter through high school as I also tried so hard to start a business after resigning from my job. In all these gruesome times, my belief in God was extremely challenged. However, about three years ago, there was an alignment of life in the right direction, I began to heal and to understand why I was going through the tough times and how God’s power was manifesting itself throughout that difficult period of the transition. This brought healing, joy, and such a closeness to God that I believe God is my best friend.

The dream came true
January 2020 came and I was having a conversation with a friend when the Holy Spirit quickened me to understand that I must write my book with immediate effect. Within the same month, things fell in place and I started that journey through an amazing writing coach. As Covid 19 hit us, the business had slowed down and whatever savings I had got used up for some investments; meaning my book was ready for editing, graphic designing but there was no money, so the project stalled. That was so challenging but I prayed and took my mind off it. Come December 2020, I was introduced to a business opportunity that miraculously opened financial doors and I revived my dream to publish the manuscript immediately- within three weeks, my editor and the rest of the team had cooperated and we were ready to launch the book. January 30th, 2021 was an amazing day as it was the blessed day that God and I officially launched the book ‘Rise and Shine’.
To Him be glory and honour. He will do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think of.

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