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Supremacy of a mother’s words
My publishing journey is a story of transformation from what I picked up growing up, back to how God made and gifted each one of us. My names are Joyce Wakini Wandia N. I thank God for my late mom for standing tall for our education. She frequently reminded us that, “knowledge is a far greater inheritance than material wealth.”

I discovered in Grade 4 that I was a good writer because the teachers would give my composition books to Grade 6-8 to revise with them in the public school I was enrolled in. That didn’t last long when I moved to a private school with higher standards. My English teacher was adamant my sentences were too long, I had bad handwriting because of the way I hold a pen, and being a rational child I couldn’t get poetry or music right and we agreed with my teachers that both poetry and music were things I couldn’t do best and due to bad handwriting, my marks will always be less. Well, here we are in the computer world. In addition to that, last year 2020 poetry started flowing and I have about 15 unpublished poems plus a song in waiting.

It took someone from another continent to inspire my writing again!
In addition to the negative feedback received, I grew up in a setting whereby natural talent and creativity were amusing, discouraged and perceived as an unworthy pursuit. Therefore those of us who felt and saw things differently learnt not to verbalize it at all. We toed the line of the then old system; finish school and get an office job.

Things changed while at the University, a creative lawyer friend who was writing a romance novel approached me to co-author it. Out of the blues he said that from my speech, he believes I can also write. I agreed, wrote my part, submitted it to him and that was the end.

I forgot about that writing experience until when I was hired as a Marketing Manager. After a few days of interacting with my Managing Director, he gave me a job to compile an entrepreneurship magazine that he had always wanted to write. Instead of marketing, I found myself reading and writing volumes. I later changed jobs and forgot about writing.. After a while, I was back at it again and designed my marketing magazine, just for the fun of it, then I discarded it, together with other creative offers that came constantly from people who could identify talent.

Growing up, my focus was on pursuing medicine, so I missed out on these constant reminders to make use of teaching and writing skills for the benefit of mankind. Not any longer! Salvation came knocking 5 years into a successful furniture business I had started, I was now enjoying creating office spaces. However, the book of life (Bible) gripped me with it’s candid truth and principles. I would study it for hours while writing notes, poems, songs, drawing etc. It overtook my furniture business; I avoided appointments and forgot to send quotations. I was at peace doing something I love, broke but peaceful.

Come publishing time and I was afraid to publish any/all of my creative works because the present differed with the past sharply. Doubts and questions until I stumbled upon a sermon by TD JAKES- called the, ‘Core of transformation’ – your wealth is stored up at your core, and not in the world around you. Needless to say, I wrote and released my first book “ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR” in 9months. It took someone from another continent to inspire me and in return, I now inspire others through my books and online trainings.

Another Fabulous Year

Negativity on talent may carry great inventions to the grave
Before and after publishing I have met many people who desire to do great things but are living scared because of our negative attitude towards creative work outside the traditional office job. Though they agree with God’s word, great plans and promises, they completely disagree with that inner voice, ignore their strengths and run from their calling too. This causes friction and resistance and many might carry the good inventions to the grave. However, when you agree, approve, say yes then there’s momentum. When did others write 16 books? Usually, the no’s are so many more than the yesses! When you have made peace with yourself, that’s the time you discover you are a masterpiece.

Another Fabulous Year – the highlights
Philippians 4:6 is the rock solid foundation upon which this book was authored. After interacting with my book ‘another fabulous year’, you will have a lot of your questions answered and also find a step-by-step guideline that you can adopt for your life’s work. The following are the HIGHLIGHTS of each chapter;-
√ WHY you need to draft your wish list
√ Mental CLARITY and decision making
√ How to plan and why you need to conduct RESEARCH about your dreams
√ Ways to become a DOER and finally..
√ Make a commitment to SERVE globally with your gifts and talents.

Online I came across a book publisher who is also an author of 4 beautifully designed fiction novels. I gave him the business, he loved my book and printed the first stock through self publishing. However in order to do a second print run I have had to re-type the book because the final copy, somehow got lost. That too is a kind of inhibition but you must always know that, your commitment, your heart will be tested.
In conclusion, now when I look back, I am joyful in knowing that all those writing places, opportunities and people whose hands I passed through were actually supernaturally put in position to shape my life’s work. Challenges will always be there but so are victories.

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