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I picked my hobby of motorcycling from my mother
My name is Dr. Kevin Rombosia; a medical doctor, geospatial epidemiologist, and healthcare leader. I am 33 years old with quite a story to tell. The Good Lord has been remarkably good to my family. My father passed on in 2002 due to alcoholism-related complications. Before and after that, my mother had to single-handedly raise seven of us; two boys and five girls. We’ve all finished University education and hold various influential positions; a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, and four engineers.

My book ‘Dreams On A Motorcycle’ details our journey. I am an avid long-distance motorcyclist; a hobby I picked from my mother. She had a 50cc Suzuki motorcycle with which she used to run her mitumba and duka businesses to help raise our school fees.

My life story and what transpired
The book details my thought processes that led me, through dedication, and prayer, to being the index one student at Mang’u High School, being a competitive basketball player, scoring straight A’s, awardee of the All Round Student Award, my journey through medical school, my experiences in the medical field and how I got to be awarded the 2019 Kenya Excellence in Healthcare Leadership Award by the Ministry of Health.

The book also brings to light my life failures that I’ve learnt from, continue to learn from, and wish that other people learn from as well; most significantly my marriage failure and lessons on harmonious co-parenting.

In summary, ‘Dreams On A Motorcycle’ is a manual on resilience in life.

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