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The contribution of social media to my authorship
My name is Dr. Rei Kesis author of the book “Nuggets to Live By”. Social Media is full of political arguments, show off and all sorts of things. From the pulpits, there seems to be a condemnation of the usage of social media. Should believers be using social media? This was a few years ago, of course, things are now different.

It was at that time when I decided to use my Facebook platform to share a Bible text in this seemingly secular virtual world. The reception was good, and I got encouraged. Some messages were not straightforward and needed some explanation. The followers seemed to appreciate a text that comes with some explanation. That began my journey of daily writing.

I write every day a scriptural thought built around a text. I had earlier published two books extracted from my Masters and Doctoral Thesis, but academic writing has a limited impact only on the academic sphere.

Social media count showed that more people appreciated simplified daily thoughts. I, therefore, decided to publish a few of the daily thoughts to assess the reception. That is how the book “Nuggets to Live By” came about.

That is my journey to authorship. I invite you to visit my website which has daily articles from scripture. You can also visit my YouTube page where I regularly publish biblical-based educative videos. My books are sold on You can also find them in Kenya through Adventist Book Center (ABC)in various towns.

I am on social media platforms by my name Rei Kesis.
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