Audrey Spaulding


Audrey Spaulding

My name is Audrey Spaulding, I am 8 years old in 3rd Grade in Gerogia, USA.

I started writing this book when I was 5 years old, in 2021.

I wrote this book because I just wanted to keep a record of one of the beautiful family days in the summer, for memories.

It took me about a week to write my first draft.

Challenges in writing the book? I criticized my work too much, and deleted too many times. But I am happy with my end result. The CLC Kenya publishers helped me appreciate my work and gave it the professional input it needed. 

My highlights include having my family especially my Mom cheering me on. She believed in me and so I believed that I could do it. My family is important to me.

Future Projects…

I have written about 9 books. The next one to publish will be about Adia and her family feeding the needy in the streets of Georgia.

My advise to other children who want to write…

Don’t doubt yourself. If you have someone who believes in you or a publisher let them read your work. Always write or draw it down then release it to others to help. 


Books by Audrey Spaulding

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”


Join Adia and her family for a day at the beach: full of fun, family moments and love.


Author: Audrey Spaulding, 8 years

Illustrator: Emi Mwangi, 15 years

Developmental Editor: Dr. Muthoni O.

Year: 2022

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

CLC Kenya Ministries

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Fancy Spaulding
Fancy Spaulding
10 months ago

I have watched blossom like a flower, growing in your writing daily. You challenge and inspire many people young and old myself included. May you keep shining your light as God allows you. Exhaust your gifts and talents. Congratulations on your first book Miss Audrey, keep soaring high!

Lilian Muhenia
Lilian Muhenia
10 months ago

You are such an inspiration to young authors. Keep going and never stop. May God be your guide always. Shine God’s candle always.

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