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I am Timothy Gitonga Micheni Mutani, a born again author, boychild advocate, entrepreneur and travel enthusiast. I live and work on the outskirts of a beautiful town called Chuka in Tharaka Nithi county. I am also deeply involved in the political environment and community development around Tharaka Nithi.

I fell in love with writing from class six when a new English teacher came to our school and realized I wrote good compositions. He singled me out and would give me more writing assignments over and above the class work. From then I developed a writing culture where I would write essays and pieces on any imaginable topic and give him to mark. I carried the culture to high school and eventually started blogging in campus while an undergraduate student.

The blogs developed a constantly growing readership and fan base. This followed me Into the corporate world when I started working. It was one such blog article that caught the attention of one ardent reader who encouraged me to grow it into a book. I toyed with the idea for a while but as they say, the rest is history. My first book “IF I HAD A SON ” is receiving positive reviews while the next one is in the final stages of preparation.

If I Had A Son – Stories of Manhood to Our Sons

My heart burns for positive masculinity and the role of man as God intended. My next book is in the final stages of preparation while others are still forming as God leads me.

You can purchase if I had a son from:


Clc kenya:

Nuria the honest store:

Rafu books:

In Meru Town get from Rimbere Bookshops (Main stage)

In Tharaka Nithi get from Thoma Bookshops and Rehema Bookshop

Country wide in various supermarkets and other booksellers.

You can also direct potential readers to my social media handles.👇🏿
I am always ready to deliver autographed copies on request.
FaceBook: @Mutaniwealth
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