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I am Julius Mwebia Mugambi, a born again Christian and a preacher of the gospel without a collar. I am also an Agriculturalist by training and entrepreneur, passionate about contributing to community development through agribusiness. To this end, I am the director at Jufra Agro Strategies Ltd and Jufra Food Processors Ltd. I am also a youth mentor, especially passionate to win youths into Agriculture because I believe Agriculture needs the energy of the youth and the youth need the potential jobs held in Agriculture. I am also an author of the book Conceive Achieve.

Conceive Achieve – A Road Map to your Success

My passion for writing was inspired by my bishop Dr. Sammy Gitaari. One Sunday morning in 2014, after I preached a sermon entitled “FANNING THE GIFTS” Bishop Dr. Sammy Gitaari in his words told me “that sermon can be packaged into a very inspiring book.” There after he followed me up on it until I did it.

The other motivation to write came from the youth as I trained them to dream and achieve their great destinies that I believed was their portion. I spoke to youth over several years on the things they need to do to be successful, fruitful, and impactful. I then developed and put together the content and called them principles of success. I also realized that if I depend on physical outreach I would achieve so little, but if I package these principles into a book, it can go places I will never reach. That’s how my book “CONCIEVE ACHIEVE” was conceived.

In the course of this year, I purpose and plan on publishing two more books. One on entrepreneurship and the other one a motivational. In the meantime, You can get my book at:

CLC Kenya –
In Tharaka Nithi where I am based, one can get it at Kenchu and Mutethia book shop.
Elsewhere, you can get in touch with me and I will send a copy wherever you are.

My social media handles are:
Facebook: @mwebia Mugambi
Instagram: @mwebia Mugambi

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