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My first attempt to authorship was unsuccessful
My name is Ruth Njagi, and I have authored one book for the time being ‘Love Unlimited: Set free by a greater Love’. This book is an autobiography of my journey of forgiveness, healing, and restoration. My life as far as I can remember, I loved reading and would easily get lost in a novel. I was introduced to reading novels in class 8, and when I joined secondary school the hobby outgrew me. While in form four, a friend of mine called me for an intervention meeting to remind me that I was a candidate and should leave the novels and concentrate on my studies. It was during my high school’s years that I tried writing my first novel although it didn’t go far. However, the desire to write had been influenced by all the reading I did.

A twist of my usual Life
After high school, my life did take a different twist, I was not only reading novels but also graduated to watching TV and movies and anything I can get my hands on. It’s the year we waited to go to college or university, and in my case, I was home alone. My parents both left for work, and I was the only child at home. It was this season that I watched what I was not supposed to (adult content), and once I started there was no turning back.

I became a Christian, and life for a while was great, but when someone mentioned that “I was saved and I can’t watch some shows on Television”I learnt there were expectations with my new faith and that when the hiding began. The hiding went on as I was able to consume lots of adult content, and when in Church and a topic was preached, I would promise never to do it again, and after a while, I went back to it.

One day as you all understand darkness and light cannot complement each other. I strongly felt I needed to let go of the darkness in my life. I tried but by the time I was so enslaved that I couldn’t get out of it. I knew I needed to ask for help despite being afraid of being judged but also not knowing who could help me. Nonetheless, when the opportunity came I shared it with my then-roommate. She didn’t practically help me but she gave me the greatest gift, acceptance, and still loved me as she had before despite everything.

The following season of my life felt like I was taking one step forward and three more steps backward. I tried to abandon the habit but I didn’t manage. God did bring help, and I got counseling, counseling for being sexually abused as a child. I recall being very angry, and most of my anger directed towards my abusers and my mum- I failed to understand where she was since the abuse took place at home. Later on God helped me forgive, and that was a burden off my shoulders. I thought that I would be the end of the habit, I wasn’t, and then the self-loathing started and I stopped going to church. God brought other people to help me and 12 years after I became a Christian and being in Church, I received discipleship! This is what finally broke the habit and addiction. Learning who I am in Christ, learning that I am finally forgiven, loved, I am not in sin or abuse, truly, I am a child of God. Thus my book Love Unlimited: Set free by a greater Love. It’s true; Love covers a multitude of sins.

My journey to publishing
My journey and testimony in a book was difficult to let out. The book was in writing for over ten years without even knowing. The first section of the book is a combination of my journals. I choose to bring them together to write the book to make it as real and raw as possible. I wrote the book with two audiences, first the person enslaved by pornography and secondly for everyone else to get a glimpse of the turmoil of one in addiction.

My publication was a miracle that the Lord provided. I got a random email from this publisher in the USA who at that time was praying and said God had asked him to help people who want to write. I reverted the email, and he asked for my manuscript, and in February 2017 my book was on Amazon.

Since the release of my book and story to the public, I have seen many people reach out to me because they are Christians and are enslaved by pornography. The struggle is real, and I am so elated that the one thing that brought me so much pain and shame is the ministry of healing that the Lord has accorded to me. Isn’t God great?

A Second Chance Consult is a ministry through which I reach others in the struggle. Do you need someone to talk to your group of youth? please let’s join hands and fight against the devil as he enslaves God’s children

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