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My passion for mentorship and mental health advocacy
My name is Leonard Ondigo. I am the author of the book “Just Scream”. Professionally, I am trained in Biomedical Engineering. I have been a lecturer at Kabete Polytechnic for around two years and this year, I am planning to chart a different direction with my career. Besides, I have a passion for writing and mentorship. I love talking with and mentoring young people especially those in high school and college so that they live meaningful lives and find their purpose. I have also developed an interest in mental health advocacy which is the springboard for my writing the book. I love the Lord, He has done great things to me.

The concise book is a conversation with young people, imploring them to speak out “just scream”, whenever they are going through different moments in life. It emphasizes the power of prayer because even the Israelites cried to the Lord for help when they were overwhelmed. So, even to us, we can reach a point where we are overwhelmed with the perturbations and unforgiving challenges of life, we should learn to reach out to God. Speak to friends, family members, counsellors, pastors, teachers, so that they can get to know about your problem. After all, no one can tell how badly we are hurting unless we “scream”

It began from encouraging posts into a book
While I was in campus, there were numerous stories of young people committing suicide. Most of these cases were a result of not speaking to someone or not asking for emotional help. So my book is a small, unscientific guide to dealing with our fears, and mental health issues, and above all, it implores the reader to look up to God as the source of our strength, asylum and assurance during the stormy weather.

Just Scream: Inspirational Nuggets of Hope for the Youth

My journey into serious writing began as a trivial thing. Back in campus, I used to write short pieces of encouraging posts and share them on Facebook and WhatsApp. I called them nuggets of inspiration and my mentor also doubled up as my pastor loved them and asked me to consider publishing a book. I took his advice and after one year I had my manuscript ready for publishing.

I sought to ask the publishers to publish the manuscript traditionally but my work was rejected. I was discouraged but a friend informed me about self-publishing, and that you could publish your book without going through the hassles of traditional publishing. That’s is how I got published in 2017 when I was in my final year on campus.
The book was not well-edited and designed so I had to do some little improvements to it and have it republished in 2020.

My book is available on Amazon

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