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Pastor’s prophecies that became reality
My name is Rosie Awori, I am a Kenyan-born mixed media artist whose work is centered around words that inspire and bring healing. I would say my work is a tool of “midwifery”, I help people give birth to their stories and help them make their words come alive. I do this as a writer, editor, and ghostwriter. My passion is to tell stories that would leave an impact.

When I was about 14 years old, my pastor prophesied during a presbytery and she told me that one day I would write a book. It was the first time someone would tell me this but certainly not the last. I have always wanted to be a writer; however, the arts are not a domain that is easily embraced as a profession in Africa. When it was time to go to University my family pushed me towards a career in business or law. I choose law, at the time it seemed a lesser ‘evil’ but it was still not what I wanted, and day after day I knew that this was not the life that Jesus died for me to live. But African parents sometimes do not support arts, and for me, writing seemed like something I would do on blogs but never train for or even work in.

In 2010 just as I was joining the University, my father died. I was gutted, and for the first time, my faith started to shake. Was God good? Did he have plans for my good? How would we survive? I was born in privilege, and my father’s death awoke me to some harsh realities of life, and during those struggles, I was not sure what my life would be. I hoped to find a father figure in the man I was dating but until I learned that God can father me. The emptiness in my heart seemed to grow bigger. I walked through life, empty and just existing, I forgot all the prophecies and words that had gone before me. I wallowed in mediocrity while I knew God was there but He seemed far. I resigned myself to the fact that perhaps we will connect when I get to heaven.

My time to revive the creativity
In 2014, shortly after finishing my law degree, I got the opportunity to hit the reset button and come to Canada. By the time the idea of doing anything creative had been clouded by the grandeur of the rat race. But the Lord on His kindness begun shaking me back to life, and slowly I embraced the idea that I could come alive in creativity. He sent a prophet and his wife, who at the time were strangers to me but they prophesied with such accuracy and spoke life into the dry bones, and the mighty army in me rose. I surrendered my life and my skills to Jesus.

The result of the surrender has birthed a life of beauty all led by the great shepherd. In 2018 I wrote and published my first book “It Is Written”, born from my reflections, musings, and the Lord’s gentle and sometimes loud whispers to me. Since then, I have gone on to write for various other publications such as the Independent UK among others.

I am currently working on my second book which is a work of fiction that reimagines the life just before and after the fall of Lucifer from heaven. It will probably be part of my school project. I recently started my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, a course I dreamed of doing but thought would never be for me but God has shown me that it’s never too late and that if I surrender, He will use me. And most important this journey showed me that all God wants is my heart, and He cares and is full of love for me.

My story is a testimony of second chances and the glorious nature of a creative God who loves to create with His creation.

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