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My urge on women to find purpose
My name is Carolyn Syokau, a born-again Christian and former fashion model. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication background and later studying for a Masters Business Administration. I enjoy deep meaningful and honest conversations and as well I am an advocate for kindness. I aim to encourage young women to find their purpose, I further go on to remind them that it is okay to be ‘imperfect’- in this era where certain body types are idealized. After all, being imperfect by the world’s standards doesn’t make us so. We are still loved in Our Father’s eyes; with a deep sincere love beyond any comprehension. This is especially important in this era of social media where many are experiencing multidimensional perfectionism; pressures that have led many to mental suffering and even suicides.

The goal of my book
The aim of the book nominated for this award, ‘IN GOD’S OWN IMAGE’ is to remind any girl or woman that has looked themselves in the mirror and didn’t like what they see that while it’s noble to want better for ourselves, we must not forget that God made us without any mistake. We, therefore, needn’t compare our bodies or image with any celebrity for instance.
• The book is written from some personal experience; detailing the hardships I went through trying to fit into a certain ‘picture’ due to social pressures and how I overcame it.
• The weakness that forced me to depend on The Lord and so on.

I’m honoured to have the support of my family, especially my mother, husband, mother in love, grandmother, brother, greater audience, my graphic designer who introduced me to CLC (where I could print my books at peace without breaking the bank or worrying about book damage), and CLC Kenya too for the nomination.

I’m grateful for the young woman God’s love, grace, and mercy has and is turning me to. It feels good to love oneself, for how can we love our neighbours if we don’t love ourselves?

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