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A mission that began with fear
My name is Dr.Pamela Muriungi. I am a lecturer at Machakos University, an author, a sunday school teacher for many years, and a preacher. I always had this desire to write books but feared the publishing process. I remember sometimes back in 2009 while teaching in a teachers training college I tried writing a coursebook and when the publisher turned it down I got discouraged and forgot about writing. I concluded that it was not meant for me and went my way to do other things, for me it was easier to do research and write a thesis than publish.

The author who influenced my authorship
One time I had a chance to preach in a church where I worshipped in Chuka and all along felt in my spirit that I could translate that sermon into a book. I started writing but then stopped along the way. It was until 2019 when I met Julius Mwebia in a Sunday service at Embakasi deliverance church. I was excited to meet him after almost ten years and as we talked he asked me if I had read his book. I was surprised because I had no information that he had published a book. He was so candid with me and I remember the question he asked me, ‘honestly Pamela between me and you who should be writing books?’ That question plays in my mind up to date.

After the service, I went back to the house, revived my old manuscript and continued writing. Then suddenly came the Covid 19 lockdown in march 2020 and while at home I noticed how people were struggling to stay home. I apprehended that people were not comfortable at all being on their own. I was reading the book of 1st kings by then and I saw a longing in Elijah to be alone with God in chapter 19:4. Here was a big contrast, a man of God longing to have time alone and the majority of us ignoring the call to stay home and be with ourselves.

I started reading about the domain of solitude and that is how I did my first book “The power of solitude – a silver lining in a pandemic”. At CLC Kenya, I met a very friendly team. Best regards to Muthoni Mercy and the entire team at CLC, Kenya.

The Power of Solitude – A Silver Lining During a Pandemic

You can get a copy of my book at CLC Kenya bookshop, and Wapendwa bookshop in Meru Town.



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